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fonts (Suggestion/Question) It's difficult to set the font-families because modals, navs, buttons etc. have their own font declaration.


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My problem is that if I declare font-families, I'd like to just declare one for the body and one for headings. It works pretty nicely with Typekit, @font-face etc by using something like 


function my_pless_vars( $vars ){
    $vars['plBaseFont'] = '"proxima-nova";';
    $vars['plHeaderFont'] = '"proxima-nova";';
  return $vars;

on my functions.php or 


h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{font-family: "proxima-nova";}
font-family: "proxima-nova";

on my less -file.

This works nicely, but the thing that I find annoying is thad modals, buttons, forms and some navs use the @defaultFont which means that I have to override them one by one. What is the reason that they have their own font-family declared? 

I think their font should just be the one set by the user from google fonts with DMS, or set via function, less or CSS from something like typekit. 
For example my font in a project is proxima nova. And the fonts for modals, buttons etc is Open Sans. So I  almost did not see that they have a different font which is also a problem.

So why do they have a font-family declared again in a way that requires more effort if I don't want them to have Open Sans?

Thank you very much!



EDIT: By changing the @defaultFont I change the font-family on the DMS controls, which make sense, but I also change the font-family on buttons, modals etc. which in my opinion does not. Maybe it's a bug or I'm missing something...?  :)

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As far as I am aware the reason as to why those elements have their on font-family rules, is because those kinds of elements look really odd when you use a different font and therefore, it is better that they do have their own styling for that reason.

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