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Single Bits

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The easiest way to layout your single post, custom post and pages has arrived with Single Bits for DMS. The Single Bits plugin contains two sections, a container to put your post/page parts into and the Single Bits section that lets you select which part of the post to display and some styling options.


  • Post and custom post parts broken apart for better layout control (even works with pages).
  • Create unique background displays for each post/page titles using featured image as background.
  • Sample layouts to get you started.
  • Extra styling classes to add spice to your single post and page templates.
  • markup to let search engines like Google know what type of content is being displayed.
Single Bits Container
  • Use the Single Bits Container instead of the DMS Canvas Area to have greater control of the sections in the container.
  • Add Single Bits Sections or any DMS Section that works on a single post or page template.
  • Align sections in container at the top, middle or bottom of Single Bits Container.
  • Set Featured Image as background image and upload a default image to display when no featured image.
  • Set text color for all sections in Single Bits Container to override DMS global text color.
  • Add extra styling classes to target all sections in Single Bits Container.
Single Bits Section
    • One section to use multiple times in your post/page template to display:
    • Post Title
    • Post Meta Items
      • Publish Date
      • Post Author (links to author archive)
      • Post Author’s Link (links to web url entered in User Profile)
      • Post Author Avatar
      • Post Categories
      • Post Tags
      • Custom Taxonomy Terms
      • Comments Anchor Link
      • Multiple Authors (works with CoAuthors Plugin)
    • Post Featured Image
    • Post Content
    • Manual Post Excerpt
    • Select Single Bits Type to see additional options
    • Control the text color and alignment of each Single Bit section
    • Display more than Post Meta Items in a Single Bits Section
    • Separate class assigned to each category, tag or term for greater CSS targeting
    • Extra styling classes to style each Single Bit section

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Dear Pageliners, I just purchased SINGLE BITS, hoping it would solve a conundrum I have face (due to my ignorance most likely): How to display a particular post in a section. Again, I cannot find the way to determine which post is to be displayed. It must be simple to do, but I can't work it out! If you can point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful. On the upside, regardless of this I have already discovered two other ways in which the section will be very useful indeed - all in the first five minutes! It's another great piece of work. If only I could figure out the way to point it t the post I so desperately want to display...

Thank you for your help, again. Yours faithfully, Jan.

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