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column Change the background of just one, single element (Column Background)


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Website URL: http:/ben.webtechninja.com   (will change to: http://marketingwithaheart.com very soon)
Framework Version:  DMS 2.1.4
WordPress Version: 3.9.2
Plugins in Use:  a whole lot, but nothing is broken so we are not worried about plugin conflicts here. 
Server/Host: hostgator

Hi! I have custom css to add a white background to all columns. 

I have just a few columns that I would like to change the color on, 

however, when I add changes to the inline css, or try to make a 

new class for that specific column, it is adding my custom CSS

"behind" the white background.


(I know this because it sticks 

out of the bottom, under where border/shadow is set up on the 

normal column css) 


Is there any way to change that background color on just a few

different columns, and keep the rest with my current custom 



Or, as an alternative, is there a way to create a second kind of 

column all together? or some other way?


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Can you provide a link to a page where this is happening, so we can the issue first hand. It is likely related to your custom CSS.


What I would do is create a class which gives any section a white background and add this class to the columns you want a white background on. Then create another class which adds an image, then use this class on Columns you want a background image. That why you're not loading two sets of class when there is no need to.

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