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DMS 2 TextBox - how to change order when collapsed


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Website: http://www.esbjergensemble.com/dk

Framework: DMS 2.1.4

Wordpress version: 3.9.1

Im working on this site and Im having this problem: 


Im happy whit the layout when I'm watching it on a regular screen. But when it is collapsing(on mobile), the order of the sections/content isn't like I want it to be.


I'm using the TextBox section as "headers" for other sections, so i would like them to be "linked" to the right sections.


Is there a way to do this? 


I have attached some screenshots. I hope you understand what i mean.








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To achieve that, you will need to recreate your layout using the Column sections. At the moment, it looks like you have added sections reduce their widths and then added other sections beneath them, so they're not together. See my example image below of how you should layout it.


Using 2 Columsn sections - https://cloudup.com/cbt9GAEcg7a

Mobile View - https://cloudup.com/c7hDfmJysEc

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