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Scroll Nav Scroll Nave - Demos on demo site don't work when screen set to full height


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Your demos don't work on the demo site unless my browser window height isn't 100%.


You click the nav bar and it scrolls but then when you try to click another nav it does nothing, even though the other headings aren't visible on the page. 


Steps to repeat:

1 - Go to: http://bestrag.net/scroll-nav/examples/center/

2 - Make sure browser height is 100% (I'm on 30" monitor)

3 - Click Anchor 1

4 - Try to click Anchor 4. You can't, even though it's not visible on screen.

5 - Make brwoser height less than 100%

6 - Try to click Anchor 4 and now it works. 


I hope this isn't the standard behavior?

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Hello, Josh.


Sorry for late response. In case you're wondering what happened with us, please read this post.


Just tested Scroll Nav on big resolution and everything works as it should.


If you encounter this issue again, please send me a screencast, and I will investigate.




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