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DMS 2 Pagelines section images not showing on RTL page


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Dear Pageliners, I'm a bit desperate because I am encountering a serious problem I cannot solve. I asked this question here last week, forgive me if I start a new topic in case the old one has slipped the net. 


I have a site with two languages, one LTR and one RTL. WPML works perfectly as a language switcher. Pagelines handles text very well on RTL pages. But it doesn't display images - in its own sections. Images in shortcodes or other sections are displayed. You can see it here: Images on a page in English: http://animatinglibraries.com/wordpress/

Missing images on same page in Arabic: http://animatinglibraries.com/wordpress/?lang=ar

There are some images - all of them in shortcodes (Justified Grid Gallery in this case) or other sections (Flyp, in this case). I disabled every single shortcode I am using, but the problem prevails.  Please have a look at this if you can, at the moment it's stopping me in my tracks...


Yours faithfully, Jan.

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