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DMS 2 Which sections are compatible/designed for DMS2?


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What does this plugin do and is it for DMS2? 

DMS Dev Tools
This plugin adds some extra features to DMS which include performance profiling and section disabling. 0.2

It seems to have a broken link since it leads tohttp://www.pagelines.com/shop/themes/standalone-dms-developer/ like  PageLines DMS Developer ( club download )






Same questions for

DMS Pro Tools
This plugin adds extra functionality to PageLines DMS. 1.5.4


What about older themes like headlines, Viewer_v1.0.1.zip




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The DMS Dev Tools plugin adds a number of features such as:


1. Image Optimisations - where you can use Kraken.io and Tiny PNG for images.

2. LESS Developer Mode - Less subsystem will check files for changed less code on every pageload and recompile if there are changes. 

3. No Cache Mode - Disables all caching including all CSS/LESS.

4. Performance information - https://cloudup.com/cf88Y7iEjZ0

5. Loggin information.

6. Disable Sections - Allows you to disable sections from loading.


Also those links are working for me just fine.


DMS Pro Tools adds a number of cool options for you to use such as: https://cloudup.com/cE5Azawmc6K


Browser Specific CSS


Section Caching - Experimental

Enhanced Search

Action Map - For viewing all available action hooks on your template

Lazy Loading

All Google Web fonts

MemTest - Check how much memory you actually have, as some hosts say you have X memory when you actually have much lower.

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