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Using Layers in Pagelines DMS


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I am a new user of Pagelines DMS, and comparatively new to WP, so apologies for any ignorance in the question.

After building several sites with other themes, I am trying to find a framework that provides the layout and design flexibility I am looking for.


Website URL: private right now, not required for my question.
Framework Version:
WordPress Version: 3.9.1
Plugins in Use: Easy Pie Maintenance Mode, Simple Page Ordering
Server/Host: GoDaddy
Screenshots: n/a



I am trying to do layers. From what I understand of the Sections and Components use right now, I cannot do overlapping layers. For example, I would like to place a Text component box on top of a Media box or other Component.


Is there a way to do this?

Before investing more time and possibly money into paid versions of Pagelines, I want to use it more to see if I can achieve the types of designs I am interested in doing.


I am not a coder, but relatively comfortable with small CSS modifications or HTML, and cut and paste modifications to PHP (which I don't really understand, but can follow instructions to modify if they are clear).


Any help is appreciated.




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You can do this with CSS to some extent..


difficult to advise unless we can see exactly what you want to do and with which components and don't know exactly what you have tried. 

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