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Hi guys,


This topic is on the website:


It all started after two adjustments I made to the website:


- I removed the fixed header to try a non-fixed menu bar

- I updated the FormBuilder plugin


To test out how the website would look without a fixed menu, I removed the fixed menu and placed normal simple nav. So far so good. When I decided to go back to fixed menu, it didn't go back to how it was. As you can see right now it's a white menu with white  text. When I pick "base color" both text and background stay white. When I pick another theme, lets say orange... It still all stays white.





What is going on here, why is DMS doing this? And how can I fix it?




Besides this, after the FormBuilder update, the form I have implemented on the right side of the homepage (see website) wasn't responsive anymore, as you can see. Before the update it fitted perfectly in the width I allowed it to.


How can I fix this? I want it to fit in the area I assigned to it. How can I make this happen?

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did you delete the sections within the 'fixed' area of the header? After doing So did you publish the changes? If so you have lost the changes. I recommend dragging the section to another area rather than deleting the actual section. 


That way you can swap out the header as you see fit and try it in either fixed or drag it to header area to see it non fixed. 


Looking at your screenshot - you seem to not have published your changes. If this is the case - you can click to undo unpublished changes. 


Is this the plugin you mean by Form BuildeR? >>


Could you create another topic in relation to form builder and we can help you with this. One issue per topic please,

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