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Sorry Ellen if I am a bit slow here, but how in the world do I set up nested accordions?!  


I see it working properly in the demo, but I don't really see any FAQ on it or instructions other than setting up a normal accordion.


Thanks in advance.

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rekent Sorry no instructions on nesting the accordions, I am writing a blog post about how to nest them.


In the meantime, the way to nest the accordions is to use the accordions shortcode inside the accordion post you want the nested set to appear.


The shortcode is 


 and the attributes you can use are as follows;

           accordion_orderby= ID (default), title, date, modified or random
            accordion_order = DESC (default) or ASC,
            accordion_title_color = #000000 (Default),
            accordion_background = #f2f2f2 (Default),
            content_color = #000000 (Default),
            content_background = #ffffff (Default),
            accordion_icon = no (Default) or yes,
            accordion_open = no (Default) or yes,
            accordion_first = no (Default) or yes,
            accordion_set = default-accordions (Default) or put in accordion set slug,
            accordions_id => rand() (Default) or give an id for greater control
So say you have a set category named Business Faqs with the slug business-faqs and you want to nest them the shortcode would be
[accordions accordion_set="business-faqs"]

As you can see accordion_set is one of the attributes in the list. You can then add as many of the attributes that you need, i.e. if you want the accordion title to have a black background and white text the shortcode would be

[accordions accordion_set="business-faqs" accordion_title_color = "#FFFFFF" accordion_background = "#000000"]

I hope that helps explain how to nest an accordion set within an accordion.


Let me know if you have any more questions.



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