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DMS 2 Migrated site, nothing carried over


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Okay, I am trying to move a site to its permanent home.


Here's the temporary site.




I moved the files, database, and downloaded the JSON file from the temp site.




I get this:




:: head desk ::



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For me personally, the site is loading fast, I can honestly say there is no issue for me and I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to site performance. In regards to your host informing you have you have another domain and you're paying for a dedicated server, that server IP has now 13 sites running on it. If these other sites are not yours then you're do not have a dedicated server. If you did then only your sites would be using that IP address, as far as I am aware. Therefore, in my opinion, that does look indeed a bit dodgy.




In regards to good hosts in Singapore, I have no idea unfortunately. However, you really should check out either Linode or Digital Ocean. Both are awesome and you shouldn't have any performance issues.


Regarding your Google Analytics code, if it isn't being applied where are you adding the code and try disabling all active plugins and see if this resolves the issue.

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