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Can't justify paying $20-$30 per month

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 06:59 AM

Warning: To people hovering on this topic, this is kinda a long post. Avoid if you hate wall-of-text diarrhea streams.
Hi, first of all, I'd like to say kudos to you guys for the awesome product, and the decision to raise your prices. I'm one of the lucky people who got grandfathered because we bought your product merely a few weeks/days before the pricing change. I believe that software people should charge more, to keep the bottom-feeders out. Less bottom-feeders, less stress for you - which enables you to concentrate on the 20% of the things that matter and give a better product.
However, I can't justify paying $30 per month for once-a-month new extensions and fortnightly updates. I only use a small subset of your 'stock' extensions. In fact, I'd say 80% the extensions I use on my sites are from your marketplace/shop (paid ones). Regular updates? Regular update prompts are annoying. Priority support? I rarely use support. 
Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy to pay $30 per month, if there is more value. In fact, I don't want to buy the once-off version. It's either I pay you monthly, or I don't pay at all. It's a matter of principle, I believe that "creation" softwares should be subscription-based (on a regular timeframe, not just yearly). You're not actually selling the product itself, you're selling saved time and effort. Go ahead and scoff, I understand, because I'm a descendant from the royal family of contradictions.
Moving on...I've got a few ideas. I won't hide behind a facade; the reason I wrote this post is because I want to tell you how to do your business. However, you guys got the thing that makes us human: Choice. You can choose to implement my ideas, or you can choose not to. Either way, I'm just happy to get these off my chest:
  • For club members, they get a slight discount (maybe 10%) for marketplace items. But the question is how do you protect the well-being of your marketplace developers? Give them a cut of your fees? 
  • Increase extension/plugin production to maybe 2-3 per month? But it might burn you out.
  • Offer handholding courses (like different ways to use Pagelines on different kinds of sites, best practices, etc), in the form of videos or an example site where you show them how to use Pagelines step-by-step or drip-feeding articles, etc. When they log-in, they get greeted with the "course" dashboard instead of "your items" dashboard. Sure, the existing documentations/blogs are good, but newbies will be overwhelmed, IMO. I know I was.
Should you take my ideas/feedback? You decide, I don't really care. I'm not an expert, so I understand your decision.
Or is your new pricing working in the way that I said in the first paragraph: keeping the bottom feeders out and in this case, the bottom feeder is me? I don't know and again, I don't really care, that's for you to decide. 
If this post makes you angry/irate because I'm a newbie who's telling you how to run your business, go ahead and be angry, it's justified. My ideas are on a "Take it or leave it" basis. I'll say it once again, I don't really care, haha.

So today, I'm cancelling my recurring billing. I will continue using Pagelines on my sites, that's what you and I agreed I can do. If I do come back in the future, don't grandfather me, don't give me coupons, etc. Once I see that you can provide more value to your $30 per month, I'd be happy to pay $199 + $30 per month.
Thanks for reading through my crap, and thanks for the awesome product. I will recommend Pagelines to my peers, but I won't continue paying until I see more value.

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 01:15 PM

I'm sorry, I just reread the above post and I was like "wow, what a douche. This is Donald Trump level of douche". I wrote that in a tounge-in-cheek fashion, but somehow it just comes across as douchey. For that, I apologize.



My point is, can you give other benefits to the club membership plans, aside from just more software/tools? Thank you.

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 04:14 PM

Nothing is forcing you into a subscription, you could simply use the standalone version, the key will still work on multiple sites, that way you still get the updates for 1 year.