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Using MAMP Pro and changing file and directory permissions

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 01:06 AM

I decided to edit my sites using MAMP Pro. If interested in how to set up this is a great tutorial <> But once installed and set up the questions come to the surface. After installing WordPress, I tried to install PlatformPro and got a message that said I needed to change the permissions to 777. I don't recall which directory the message indicated I needed to fix BUT what I do recall is that it wasn't the themes directory, it was attempting to install my theme into the uploads directory like it was a media upload. Later, after manually installing PlatformPro, I also got a message (in the PlatformPro panel) telling me that the platformpro/core/css/dynamic.css file needed to have the permissions set to 666. Arrrrgh! I have to assume (because I have no clue) that if the permissions were assigned properly that WordPress would have installed PlatformPro into the themes folder with no problem. Also that the dynamic.css message would not have appeared. Having stated all of the above??‚ÄĚhere's my real issue: After tons of searches I see that most people are saying to use the Mac OS "Get Info" to change things to "Write" by everyone and after installations, change them back. I have no idea if that is the equivalent of 777, 644 or 666 or whatever. I see other people suggesting using chmod via Terminal. To me that's a bit like shooting flies with a machine gun, especially since I use Terminal so seldom that it would take all day to figure it out each time. One method seems too stupid simple and the other is way overkill and these things make me nervous. Here are my questions: * Is there a simple way to set permissions where I can view and choose the permissions values required and set them? * If there is such a method, is there a utility application to help me do this? Remember this isn't FTP this is localhost. I tried setting this up in my FTP client with no luck (Fetch). * Once I manage to change these permissions to upload or install plugins and themes do I really need to set them back to where I found them? * Will these permissions affect the site when I transfer my files to my domain? I know this is a lot to ask but it needs asking and answers for many. This should bring tons of "answer karma." Thanks.

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 06:54 PM

Basically, the dynamic.css file just needs to be writable... as it is generated dynamically by your options. If you're using a local system; this shouldn't be an issue. I believe 777 should work for this. Great app for managing things is Transmit by Panic. Terminal is also an easy way to change permissions using chmod (developer speak)