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DMS 2 DMS2 Revslider full window items relative positioning


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Hi guys,


first of all I'd really like to say a big "thank you" for the great product you have delivered. I'm really thankful for your great work and I love every single little feature or enhancement you put in this DMS2 ... I'm still looking trough every option to find what's new ... but I'm definitely in love with it. So... thanks!


I'm writing here to ask a little help with the revslider.

I set up a full window revslider and I like to put an item on the bottom of the page once the background is loaded.


I have tried with




but the item appear more or less 100px from the bottom of the slider. Even if I try


data-y="bottom" data-voffset="0"


it doesn't work.


Using a stand-alone version of revslider plugin on a client site I realized that the slider has the possibility to set the size of the grid where the captions are loaded.

Is there a way to manipulate this setting with pagelines?

Maybe this could be a feature request for a future release.


Hope you can help

Best regards



PS: FIY actually I'm working on a 1366x768 display. If I load the same page with the same slider on a 1440x900 display the item set to be on the bottom of the slider is a little bit near than 100px but not on the "bottom" 


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Not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve - could we have a link to this please? 

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