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iPad Browsers Crashing when using long slide shows


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Plugins In-Use:

  1.   DMS Pro Tools  v1.4.8  by PageLines
  2.   Forums v2.01.7 by incsub
  3.   Jetpack v2.8 by Wordpress.com
  4.   Nice Login Widget v1.3.9 by Super Plugin Team
  5.   Poppy v1.4 by PageLines
  6.   Sidebar Manager Light v1.7 by OTWthemes.com
  7.   WP Super Cache v1.4 (DEACTIVATED!)


 I am a new user.  Two pages on my new site crash Chrome on iPad.   It happens in Safari as well.

Checked on multiple iPads vers. 1 and 2,  all crash on these two pages.  It apparently has something to do with the amount of slides filling up iPad RAM?

 After watching the slide show, usually just a touch to scroll will crash the browser!  Any insights would be greatly appreciated as I am rapidly approaching my deadline.

  • This does NOT happen on Android from the tests I did.
  • MacBookPro Laptop and PC Workstations are unaffected by this, just FYI.


http://thetwinklelights.com/      (18 Slides 2000x800)

After watching slide show, try scrolling down – you will crash soon!


http://thetwinklelights.com/the-cast/     (22 Slides 2000x800)
After watching slide show, scroll down – less likely but you may crash soon!




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I think having 22 slides is a bit excessive and will effect your sites performance, is there a need to have so many slides ? It's rare to see any site with so many, I haven't actually ever visited a site that has, the most I ever seen is roughly 4-6 slides.


I don't have my iPad with me at the moment, so I loaded your site on my iPhone and your never crashed. Have you tried disabling all plugins except for DMS Pro Tools and see if the crash persists ?


Also can you enable DMS Debug mode please - DMS Toolbar > Settings > Advanced.

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Thanks Danny,


 I have turned on DMS Debug as you suggested. The result is below.

I cannot find a way to turn on WordPress Debug, please advise?  Can I learn anything from that?

I have turned off EVERY plug-in except DMS Pro Tools.

I just updated DMS today!


All of these measures taken seems to have IMPROVED my iPad Crash Issue.  

Once I rebooted the iPad(done many times in past) it seems to be usable.

In addition, I was having problems on the Android tablet !  

There seems to be an improvement on the Android, but it does still crash a few minutes later.


In both cases, it seems to have something to do with touching the screen and swiping to scroll down.  if RAM is full, the tablet's browser crashes after a minute or two.  There is  marked improvement with put those plugins. I need to replace them with compatible plugins, please advise.


Danny, I'm so overwhelmed by all of this AND my project goals -- could I ask you some very specific questions and perhaps you can point out either a doc link or some example code that could help the huge pixel/bandwidth issue and other concerns.


1.  Here an interesting thing I've found that I just don't grok yet.  

How do I implement this type of strategy for these Slides and Backgrounds.  How do we do this is in DMS?



2. Furthermore, I searched for "base64" in the forum and found nothing!

Please check this out...    http://jpillora.com/base64-encoder/

Just drag a pic on this and it will encode it into birdseed!

I encoded one of my 2k pics into a tiny amount of jibberish.  But it worked in a browser!  OMG.  What is this?

So I threw my base64 encoded text in a DMS Media Box and it showed about 20% of the top of the pic and stopped.  

How could I implement this in DMS?  This could save a tremendous amount of downloaded picture data.

Could you give a CSS example to do this?


But this probably will not affect the issue with filling up RAM on a iPad or Android Tablet.



Can you point out how to install a short video into the RevSlider.

How can I get the slider to stop for a finite period of time (20secs) to play the video then start over?


I thought by joining into PRO DMS circle, that I would have some good plug-ins and robust sliders to work with. Can you recommend solutions that will work for these plug-ins I'm attempting to use?

  1. I need a FORUM that hold multiple topics.
  2. Is JETPACK ok to use?
  3. I Need a Profile Builder
  4. I also need a "NICE LOGIN WIDGET"  
  5. And a SideBar Manager?

Doesn't PageLines provide these thing?



So I will systematically check each PLUGIN as I turn them on to see if they are the one that crashes the iPad and Android Tablets.  Fewer Alides will be useful as well.

---Danny, what about Base64 encoding?  This is BIG!

Thanks for your support...


3D Animation & VFX

Creator of TheTwinkleLights.com



DMS Debug Info

WordPress Version

WordPress Debug

Multisite Enabled

Current Role

Framework Path

Framework URI

Framework Version

PHP Version

PHP memory

Mysql version

PHP type

PHP User


Licence OK

Installed Plugins

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The best thing is to is limit your slides to a max of 3-5 slides. Having 22 is a bit too much in my opinion and see if this resolves your issue.


In regards to your questions:


1. You can find a guide on how to add a video to the RevSlider here - http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/28168-revslider-how-to-add-video-and-have-it-resize-properly/page-2

2. We do not provide any of those plugins you require, you will need to search the Wordpress plugin repository. I don't use it personally, but a lot of our users do use JetPack.

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