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Hi Pagelines Team,


I currently trying to increase the padding on a section and am not getting any result. I've done this successfully using the same process on other pages, and for some reason, this is the only time it isn't working.


I'm using:

DMS: 1.4.6

WP: 3.8.1


Here you can see the issue:

The highlight section is sitting under my top menu. To fix, in the past, I've added a blank section above this highlight section and increased the padding to 50px.  See here:
Nothing happens though.  Am I missing something, or perhaps there is a better way of adding 50 pix of spacing for this page?


My url is on a password protected staging site... if needed I can provide credentials privately....



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As far as I know, you can't add an empty section, set the padding, as there isn't anything inside the section to populate it. If you want to increase the padding of a section, you will want to use custom CSS for that section.


I recommend you inspect the section using Google Chromes dev tools, in which padding is displayed as green and margin is displayed as orange.

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