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How to use the Flipper-section to only display posts from a specific category or Custom Post Type?


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That's pretty much my question right there. 

Here  "Jake" tells us that using Flipper to display a category should be possible, he even has a screenshot.
Why can't I see this option?

Also, in the Which post type should Flipper use?  -dropdown I'd very like to see all my custom post types. 
Could this feature be implemented or is there another way to use flipper with custom post types?

Thank you


Got the  Custom Post Types working. I had forgotten to set the Thumbnail option for my Custom Post Type so Flipper was actually quite smart not to show it as an option, I guess. 

And I got the categories working. Some selection was probably missing so it Didn't show up. Probably did not select Articles. 


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Thanks for updating, glad you got it working

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