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I have two kinda dumb questions here.  Im a newbie trying to float this project by myself so... yea.


My url is

I am using DMS 1.1.4 and WAS using Wordpress 3.5.1, but am upgrading to 3.8 as we speak.


Activated plugins include: WP Ultimate Recipe Premium, WCK Custom Fields and Post Type Creator, Updraft Plus backup/restore, Soliloquy, Social Media Widget, Piwigo Press and Piwigo Media, Options Framework, Multicons, Membership, Jetpack, DMS Protools 1.4.2., Custom Sidebars, Custom Login 2.0, Cool Carousel PL Section, Article Type, Are You Human, and Amazon Send to Kindle.


Host is iPage.




Question 1:


I was watching a DMS video, and in the background I noticed that there were tons more sections available in the video than what I can see when I enter the store, including sections for buddypress and bbpress.  Does anyone know how to access all of these other sections in the store?  Does anyone know about a DMS-specific buddypress plugin?



Question 2:


When I saw all of these extra plugins, I went searching and found a link to a Framework-Included-Content (  However, I for whatever reason cannot figure out how to install it.  Would anyone care to lend me a 'How to install framework plugins for dummies' tutorial??  I tried to upload the entire zip with the wordpress plugin installation page, tried to install the individual zip files... I feel like I have 6 thumbs here.....  Ugh.  


If anyone could shed some light on this project, I would be incredibly grateful. 


Thank you,



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I can see you also sent this by email. - please can you refrain from posting support requests in more than one medium or forum. Thanks 

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