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Simple Nav only on selected pages?


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Hi guys,


I've just started adding some pages to a simple nav section on my site and was hoping to make it so that the menu shows itself only on the pages within the menu. You might think of it as a menu for a subsection of my site. 


I thought I'd be able to hide the menu by not selecting it in the global options config box in the dms, but when I don't select it, it shows anyway (I'm guessing it's because I only have one menu created, when I had three menus it was showing the oldest one globally and the selected one on my desired page). 


I've also tried creating a blank menu which doesn't have any pages selected, but this just shows the default menu (as in the top right one that I have set in Navbar global options).


Is it possible to keep the area blank?


My site is http://adventuresinhealth.co.uk/


The section I want to keep blank (globally) is just under the social bar.

The section of pages I want to show as a sort of submenu will be nested under 'hypnotherapy'.


Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help!



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Hi superbootcamps - I think the easiest way to accomplish this would be the following:


1. Remove the menu you don't want showing on all pages from the Header section since that section is global and will show on all pages by default as you've seen.

2. On the Hypnotherapy page (and all other pages that you would like the menu to show) drag a new simple nav section to the template area under the header. Select (or create and then select) the menu with just the subpages for the hypno section and publish.


What this does is leaves the default global menu at the top and then only serves up that secondary menu on the pages you've assigned it to.

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