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Greetings and welcome to my product forum!


A Few Things:

  • First of all - thank you for your support! I really love what I do, and I hope that comes through in the end product.
  • My extensions are my babies which makes you all extended family!  That means you're in good hands.
  • As a developer, it's very hard (read: "impossible") to take all possible cases into consideration not to mention test for them, so sometimes things need fixes.
  • Please note also that PageLines individually reviews every product before it is initially made available on the store so extensions must be able to "do what they say they can do" before they can be purchased.



Before starting a new topic, please take a look over these simple guidelines:


  • Please do not private message or email me unless I ask you to.
    This is counter-productive to the purpose of the forum, which is a community resource of questions and answers.  If you have a question has yet to be answered, open a new topic for all to see (more about this below!).
  • Please take a minute to search for an answer before opening a new topic.

When starting a new topic:
(all of these are very important)

  • Be as descriptive as possible!
    When possible: Include screenshots, any error messages, or code snippets (in a code block using the <> button in the visual editor, or in a paste: http://paste.pagelines.com and copy the URL into your post)
  • Make sure to include what PageLines system you are using (Framework or DMS), AND all versions! 
    (ex: DMS 1.1.2 or Framework 2.4.4, with Hero Nav 1.2.1... )
    Please specify the actual version number (refrain from using ambiguous words like "latest")

  • ***Follow your topic!***
    There is an option when starting a new topic to follow it after posting - check it so that you are notified when there is a response!


A+ Example:
How to post a new topic like a rockstar


DMS 1.1.2

Hero Nav 1.2.1


Everything was ok until I installed this new DMS child theme "<Theme Name>".  Now Hero Nav looks like this: (screenshot)


Also, now the DMS editor is stuck loading.  When I disable Hero Nav, everything works normally again.


I am seeing these PHP errors: (screenshot or copy/paste)


Also, I am seeing these errors in the javascript console of chrome's developer tools (screenshot)





And finally:

I have invested a lot of time and energy into creating the best extensions possible.  If you've found them to be helpful, please take 30 seconds to leave a review on the product's page on the pagelines.com/shop.
( If you're having trouble with a product please post here first! )


That's it! I try to reply as soon as possible but I usually respond within 24 hours or so during normal business hours. See you on the forum!

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