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A little troubles with customizing


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Following http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/creating-a-branding-area create branding area.

Want to customize uszing 

Nicks Base Theme. Place this code into style.css 

/* Social media color variables */
@dribbble:          #EA4C89;
@envelope:          #08CF90;   
@facebook:          #3B5998;
@googleplus:        #E14107;
@instagram:         #517FA4;
@linkedin:          #0181B2;
@pinterest:         #CB2027;
@rss:               #E5842F;
@twitter:           #00ACED;
@youtube:           #CD332D;
@vk:		    #2B587A;

.social-bar {
    a {
        margin-right: 0px; // Here in-case you wish to add margins
        padding: 0px; // Here in-case you wish to add padding
    li {
        display: inline;
    .icon {
        .border-radius(0px); // Here in-case you wish to add a radius
        margin-bottom: 0px;
        min-width: 25px;
        color: #FFF;
        text-align: center;
        font-size: 13px;
        line-height: 25px;
    &:hover { .transition(background 400ms linear); }
    .icon-dribbble {
        background-color: @dribbble;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@dribbble, 10%); }
    .icon-envelope {
        background-color: @envelope;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@envelope, 10%); }
    .icon-facebook {
        background-color: @facebook;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@facebook, 10%); }
    .icon-google-plus {
        background-color: @googleplus;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@googleplus, 10%); }
     .icon-instagram {
        background-color: @instagram;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@instagram, 10%); }
    .icon-pinterest {
        background-color: @pinterest;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@pinterest, 10%); }
     .icon-rss {
        background-color: @rss;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@rss, 10%); }
    .icon-twitter {
        background-color: @twitter;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@twitter, 10%); }
    .icon-youtube-play {
        background-color: @youtube;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@youtube, 10%); }

And site looks like this: 




First of all, found that doesnt add 

.icon-vk {
        background-color: @vk;
    &:hover { background-color: lighten(@vk, 10%); }

Added. But still get this picture. Same picture with style.less for nick theme and customize-pagelines plugin. (separatly for each try).


Added code shown above in PageLines Editor aaaaannnd 




Everything ok.



1) What i am doing wrong?


2) Custom CSS will be losed when DMS/Nick themes updates?


3) Why when i am adding this code to style.less/css in active child theme may not work?



Offtop. if on page we have javascript counter in DMS in text box, and changing to another theme (like base template), with adding new textbox i'm loosing all configuration of site. Must i write a video to show this to you?

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Forget Nick's Base Theme.  Place the code provided by our Docs in Custom Code.


Works fine http://dev.epicurus.com/

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