Difference between Open Source and Subscription DMSes?

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I'm sorry if this is answered somewhere. I've searched. I've read. But I can't seem to find anything showing the explict differences anywhere.


What is the difference between the Open Source vs. the Subscription DMSes? We had purchased a Pagelines Framework license a year ago and I'm trying to wrap my head around how the introduction of DMS fits into our needs or plans.  I take Opens Source to mean a fully funtional product with community support (think wordpress, mysql, linux, etc.) But when I look over the subscriptions. I see a chart (like below) with added features or uses. Does this mean the Open Source version is crippled in some way? If we were fine with just the Framework will the Open Source DMS fit our needs or are there functional differences between the two?

  • Unlimited Websites
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Pro DMS Editing Tools
  • Pro Only Sections
  • No Link Credit
  • Pro Libraries & Effects
  • Advanced layout engine
  • Dynamic templates
  • Live LESS CSS System
  • Over 40 Drag & Drop Sections
  • 1000+ design and layout options



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Opensource DMS means that the basic product, without all the extras is free and may be used on one website. So this quote:


I take Opens Source to mean a fully funtional product with community support (think wordpress, mysql, linux, etc.)

Is incorrect.  It is a limited functionality product with limited support here in the forums. All third party products (such as plugins) are supported elsewhere.


It is not crippled, it's limited to being very basic.  The subscription licensing provides you with the list of services you quoted.


If you're fine with Framework, stay with it for the time being, but remember, that the Framework store is now closed, and there will be, to my knowledge, no future development for it, except reactive updates to WordPress changes.  DMS is fundamentally different and a vast improvement.  Drag & Drop still exists, but that's so different that it's fair to say the two platforms are unique in their approaches.

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Thank you for responding. This helps.


I am fine with the framework. We actually don't use many of the plug-in since our users (parent volunteers) really don't know how to use them. If anything, I'm a bit but(t) hurt I chose a dead end product for this project and since we're a non-profit I'm not sure I can persuade or justify a perpetual license expense. Something I'll need to figure out. 


My only nit would be this really isn't in the true spirit of what open source means so it's basically a 'lite' version of the framework, just like all the other lite vs. paid frameworks out there. I'm all for people making a living, and good for PageLines in doing so. But it seems to be to be a bit - I don't know what the right word is. Maybe, uninformed? I don't know. But to say something is open source sets an expectation. I look at Wordpress, MySQL, Linux, etc. All 100% functional as self-serve, with the option of paid support.  Again, I'm all for Theme providers to sell their wares. I guess I'm more hung up on word usage more than anything. My issue. My pain.


Thanks again.

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Hi, Actually, you didn't select a dead-end product. Framework isn't being deprecated today, tomorrow or anytime soon.  It will continue receiving security updates and major upgrades from time to time.   So it's not going away and you won't waste money or time with its use.


It sounds like you're confusing DMS with a Framework upgrade, which it's not.  DMS is a totally new, unique product. Open source has many meanings, so I'd urge you not to get hung up on any one of them.  DMS is open source to do two things:  one, is to make the basic product - the free version, available to everyone; and secondarily, to let developers use the code to create new products they can either sell or give away via our store.  Paid and free subscribers get moderated support here, though the support for the free or Lite edition is limited.   We still answer them.


One fundamental difference between free and subscribed is the access to the PL sections which help you build more creative sites quicker, easier and without 3rd party plugins.  These sections have intense functionality, wonderful options and provide amazing speed in building your site.


Now, you mentioned being a non-profit.  If you're a registered charity, PL does evaluate requests for donations, so if that's the case, I'd recommend you write to hello@pagelines.com, and ask for such consideration. It's limited, and may only be 50%, but that's better than nothing.


Meanwhile, you can go to http://www.pagelines.com, and after clicking the red button, fill out the form and get DMS free.  Test it. Kick the tires.  And see if you're comfortable with it.

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