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#21 tinsky


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Posted 10 September 2013 - 04:25 AM

Just read the above response from Danny which seems a typical cop-out and defensive response.


2. Most questions are getting addressed, not sure how you have come to that conclusion. The questions that don't get addressed are ones that awaiting a users response for a specific thing, such as:



None of my recent questions on the support forum for DMS have been addressed and I've been waiting on a response from you or the hello@pagelines.com which twitter keep saying are sending or sent.  You are all a whole lot of baloney and I'm done with pagelines.  My hands are washed.  As a writer, I will be giving you full reviews.

#22 Danny


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Posted 10 September 2013 - 08:10 AM

It was by no means a cop-out, I can honestly say all PageLines support staff take every topic seriously and give it their full attention. If you review the forums, you will find that nearly all topics are responded to and resolved. There are some topics where the issue can't be reproduced, which makes diagnosing the issues quite difficult and delays our response whilst we try to replicate it or await more information. This is why we say to disable all plugins, remove all custom scripts/code and to enable PL debug mode.
If you view the forums and find any topic(s) that haven't been responded to, then its one of two things, our team has missed the topic which can happen, everybody makes mistakes or our team are testing the issue on their test websites, attempting to replicate it.
I have just completed a content search for your account and found two topics that you appear to be awaiting a response. These are;
I can't assist you when DMS is not active. Also, please be aware that we do not provide support to user created CSS, which is what you were using at the time from what I can remember. Correctly, if I am wrong, its difficult to remember all users issues, but your issue was that you were trying to align your content to your background. I can take a look, if DMS is active again and I will try and point you in the right direction. However, if you want to receive CSS support for your own code, I recommend signing up to a CSS forum.
Your other is issue regarding the background image alignment, size has already been reported, I have set this issue to high priority, the issue will be looked at and if it indeed not a js issue like it says on the issue. Then the issue will be fixed, however, I am unable to provide any ETA on that.
Regarding the blog post you have the site in question:
No PageLines user is treated like an enemy, we even try to resolve users issues which go against our forum rules and policies such as helping with user created code or replying to topics created by users of the free version, something of which isn't provided in the free version. So to say we treat anyone is unfair to say the least.
Also, all posts are read thoroughly, sometimes twice. However, there are language barriers, grammar issues or issues that are walls of text, that contain on linebreaks, making it extremely difficult to read. Also, it shows that users haven't read our forum terms thoroughly, i.e. one issue per topic. I have replied to a topic in the past where there were over 30 questions in one topic, if I followed the correct proceedure, I should have closed the topic and informed the user via PM, to recreate his/her topic with a 1 issue per topic. This makes it so much easier to assist users.
All topics are replied as I mentioned above, if any topic is unanswered, we apologise as we must have missed it. If this is the case, bump your topic, saying something along the lines "Still need assistance, issue not resolved" and our team will be right on it. If the topic is still unanswered (which I find hard to believe), then PM one of our support staff.
In regards to your issue about the PostPins section, check your Karma out now, on one of your DMS installs!
Also, DMS was ready when we launched it and went through months of testing. However, like any software users will find bugs that our testers didn't. This isn't a lack of skill on our testers part, its just that when DMS was released, it is used by thousands of people and all these people will try and do different things and in doing so, find bugs.
For example, I noticed the other day that someone used TextBoxes for site navigation, now that is a great idea and I would never have thought of using textboxes like that in a million years. So this is how bugs are found upon being released. Peoples imagination and creativity finds bugs that we couldn't.
If you still wish to proceed with your refund request, email me directly danny at pagelines dot com and I will personally handle it for you.

#23 Mathius†



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Posted 18 September 2013 - 11:53 AM

Im unable to read any members Posts or access members only areas in this forum. sent two emails and haven't heard anything 

#24 Rob


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Posted 19 September 2013 - 01:11 AM

@Mathius  do you have a paid subscription to DMS?   Access to members only sections is limited to paid subscribers. If you do have a paid subscription, please let me know.  If not, please consider purchasing one via http://pagelines.com/pricing