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Where do we stand?


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Its been impossible to find out whats going on, or an appropriate place to post - so posting here...


Having purchased PageLines a little over a year ago, spent time and money researching the product, purchasing, learning the system, and more time and money introducing the system to a small, but significant group within the UK NHS, we finally get the go ahead to move forward with further site development. Keep in mind this is the NHS - most (all but a few) only have access to IE in the office.




Have we just (without notice) been been completely dumped by PageLines?


A 'lifetime' license for a product does not mean 18months - please clarify what the future holds for PL


As a paid user (not Plus) what discount do we get on DMS?


Are we hearing correctly  - DMS only works on Chrome? i.e. If that is the case, then, not to put too finer point on it, we are completely stuffed on our NHS project?


I can't believe that months of research, followed by careful negotiation and demonstration, it is all going down the pan.  Something that purported to be the be the ideal tool for the job looks like it has just turned into a complete nightmare. I trust there is a solution. 


The is VERY major for our business. Please someone - get back to me.

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It seems to me Pagelines could support two products. Framework has many advantages over DMS for those that know what they are doing and DMS is well suited to those that have little experience with web design.
It's good to know that Framework will be supported for some time, especially in the face of Wordpress 4 coming soon. But I still feel like the clock is ticking and I have to decide what to do. DMS doesn't seem as robust in the time I have spent with it and it would require me to really change the look and feel of my website when I don't have any desire for a redesign.
For example, I seem to be forced into one look for the blog pages. There are no robust styling features in DMS that Framework has. For navigation, you have only the fixed nav bar with the small logo or no logo at all for your header.
I'm going to give DMS some time to mature a bit and figure out what to do.

I can't disagree more, DMS is more advanced than PageLines Framework and I am unable to find any advantages it has over DMS. PageLines Framework is solid and allows you to create superb looking websites and with some technical knowledge, can be used to build almost anything. PageLines DMS is no different but with the live LESS preview (insanely awesome feature), ability to add custom classes on every section area and section, dynamic templates to name a few, it makes building websites even faster and more fun. Add to the mix users who are comfortable with LESS, JS, PHP and you can any kind of layout or design within minutes not hours.

Not sure if you have some inside knowledge but as far as I am aware Wordpress 4.0 isn't coming soon, 3.8 is scheduled to be released late 2013.

No robust styling features in DMS ? Every section area and every section has a custom class field, which supports multiple classes. You can customize all sections with ease. I am currently drafting a couple of new docs which will go through styling section areas which demonstrates how easy it really is to give different sections different colors.

That image there is 4 Full Width Section Areas which are populated with different sections and all I did was write some basic custom CSS:

/* red background, white text */
.my-red-area {
    background-color: #bd362f;
    color: white;
/* blue background, white text */
.my-blue-area {
    background-color: #0055CC;
    color: white;
/* green background, white text */
.my-green-area {
    background-color: #51A351;
    color: white;
Then added the class names to each section, it took no longer than 5 minutes and that is with just basic CSS.

Not sure what you're referring to in regards to the blog styling, you have both Blog and Magazine mode like in PageLines Framework.

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