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Full-Width Mastheads


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So I'm getting up to speed on PageLines, despite the forthcoming changes. 

I'm trying to get a basic full-browser-width masthead, as described in the docs and other threads, but it ain't happening for me. Can't get it to go full-width. 

Here's my setup:


Under Site Options > Global Settings > Layout Editor

1. Layout Handling set to Responsive/Pixel Width

2. Site Design Mode set to Full-Width Sections

3. Default Layout Mode, I select Single Column (no sidebar)

4. Layout Dimension Editor seems a moot point when trying to get full-browser-width sections.


Then I go to my Page, and select Default Layout. I drag a Masthead into the Header section. But when I save, and view/refresh the page, it's still constrained to a pixel width. 

How do I really get full-browser-width sections, that bleeds to browser edges, but then has content within it that is constrained? This is what I don't get. Your thumbnails in Layout and Site Design Modes seem to indicate layout function that I'm not getting. 


This is a static layout of content that I'm trying to replicate via PageLines...Any advise would be helpful.



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Hi there,


If you're setting the site to use full width sections then the background for each section will be full width, but the content constrained into the content area. If you have a link to your site when you have the masthead setup we'll check the code for you.

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