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Citi Theme Some questions


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i've got a few questions about the Cititheme


Social icons - i can't get instagram or linkedin to work properly. When i input the instagram username in the backend it outputs only instead of and for LinkedIn i cant seem to figure out what the username should be, i've tried using elements from my LinkedIn URL but to no avail. I've also tried the full URLs in the input box in the cititheme options but that didn't work. is there a fix for this? Twitter works.


Blog - I've read the existing comments re. blog section on home page, but is there a way (without editing your own code for the theme) to remove the icon from Font Awesome and instead display the blog entries across two columns or full width?


Twitter integration - the twitter integration, where it displays your latest tweet in the breaker above section five always comes up with unknown error. I've set the username in both website options and cititheme. 


Navigation - is it possible to add a secondary nav that only appears when someone is browsing the blog section? I've tried using the menus function but it doesn't show up which I'm assuming is down to the theme's set up? 



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so I saw the issue with twitter integration being deprecated so you can ignore that. 


For the secondary menu issue - if I manually add a secondary menu to a blog post (having added the secondary menu to the blog post template via drag and drop) it shows up, which is great. Thing is i have an archive of 100s of posts and going thru them one by one isn't ideal. is there a way to apply that in one go? 



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