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Saving Duplicate Sections


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I am using Pagelines Framework, and several times I have updated my version and each time it removes any duplicate sections I created.


Note, "cloned" sections are just fine.  I am referring to manually duplicating a section (eg Full Width Sidebar) which doesn't allow cloning.


So I have the appropriate folder and files sitting in /wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections.


When I do an upgrade it removes the extra sections I added.  


How do I prevent that?





Attached is a copy of the php file sitting in /wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections/sb_fullwidthdub


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First, you should be using the PageLines Base Theme. In there, you can create a folder called sections.  Within that folder, you can upload the folder for a modified section. 


Thus, if you want to modify the Features section,  you go first via FTP to wp-content/themes/pagelines/section.  Download the entire features folder.


Now, with Base Theme installed, FTP to wp-content/themes/pagelines-template-theme/sections (you create the sections folder).


Upload the entire features folder there. You'll end up with wp-content/themes/pagelines-template-theme/sections/features.  Modify the section.php located in that features folder only.  It will be exempted from updates there.

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