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Best PageLines Approach to landing page template with form


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I'm looking for advice on a good template based approach in PageLines to allow my users to add a custom form to landing pages with various layouts.


At present I need a 2-column landing page format where the content is on the left and the form is on the right with some other content.


Normal form tools like gravity forms don't cut it, my form code is too complex and I don't want to expose users to the code (or have them break the code and damage important tracking info). 


Ideally, I'd like my site users to be able to add their content on a normal WordPress page and then be able to insert the templated form where the user or landing page designer would like the form in their page content (regardless of layout). 


How would you recommend I set this up?


I'm looking for the right way to do it since this will get used repeatedly  (just hacking code together manually won't work). 


I've attached a pdf which walks thru what I'm looking for and what I've done so far (I'll emphasize the current approach doesn't meet my needs and doesn't make sense at all). :-)






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Hi there,


Nice, ambitious project :-)


As we're moderators and not developers, we're only really going to be able to offer ideas as opposed to coding solutions etc. The best advise I can suggest there would be to look into joining the Junto client/developer community - this sounds like something that you could also sell through the Pagelines store eventually too.


However, reading through the above and the pdf would it better to do this as a plugin rather than a custom section.


If you had a plugin which installed a button into the wp-editor, that when clicked launched a screen where they could enter the required text, choose the form location via a dropdown menu etc. Then when they click 'done' it formats it inserting the content directly into correct columns using the code bootstrap grid.

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