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Tabber Tabber + TwinShot = awesome membership area ?


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I just bought TABBER and TWINSHOT,

my goal is to build a membership area for a video-course.


This is the site

(work in progress...)


But for now, I have 2 *unresolvable* problems:

1) the (test-)videos do not load correctly
(tried with chrome, firefox, safari. somtimes ist works but mostly not)

(to test I made 3 different Twinshot gallerys on the first 3 Tabs: member area/ Start / Modul 1)


2) even though I put a DIFFERENT Twinshot gallery on every Tab (at least on the first 3 tabs to test....)

when I swich between the Tabs the Twinshot gallery stays just the same!

(instead I sould see a different TwinShot gallery on each Tab)


On the pagelines support a guy looked into the site,

and said there might be a js problem, and that I should ask here...


I dont have any other plugins installed

(its a subdomain of a multisite installation).


Can it be that there is a conflict between tabber and twinshot?


It would be GREAT if you could find out!

If there is a solution, Tabber + TwinShot would make an AWESOME member area !!!!!!!!


Hoping for your response

greetings from Italy


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2 answers to this question

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Unfortunately it's not going to work that way. PageLines Sections aren't IN the page content, but rather on the page template. There's simply no way to embed a pagelines section in that way.

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since you are such a talented Coder ;-) 
(I saw your video where you build a complete site in 10 minutes...)

can't you develope a kind of video-content area

that can be "divided" into modules and so one, like a typical member area ??

That would be great ;-)


anyway thanx for your quick reply!


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