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Pagelines > Frameworks 2.4 > sidebars


My site:


I would like to have many more options for different sidebars on my site than pagelines/Wordpress typically allows. 


Currently, I see:


Primary Sidebar

Secondary Sidebar

Tertiary Sidebar

Universal Sidebar

Full width Sidebar

Content Sidebar

Morefoot Left

Morefoot Middle

Morefoot Right


Footer columns sidebar


Question: What if I wanted different versions of these sidebars to choose from?


Can I create multiple choices for secondary sidebar for instance? So, when I get to a specific page, I can choose to display a specific "secondary sidebar?"


Thank you, Scott





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It is possible to create additional sidebars, however, you can't clone the secondary sidebar to serve as a secondary.


What you can do is use a plugin called Widget Logic.  This benchmark plugin has been around for a long time and is well supported. It permits you to tell a widget which page, post, category or other location to appear in. As a result, you may have many more widgets in a sidebar than actually appear, and through this plugin, control their appearance easily.


Here's the link:

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You are awesome.


Thank you.

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