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removing post info - specific posts


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First, thanks.. loving page lines..


I resolved my issue searching these forums but it made me think of a "future" question..


I have a pagelines site and I am using easy digital down loads, which creates a custom post type "downloads"..


I was able to learn how to remove the post info (author, date, etc.) by adding the   to the Configure Full Width Post Metabar under PageLines - Site Options - Blogs and Posts.. great!


But "what if"... I had a site using the EDD plugin AND blog posts and I only wanted the post meta information removed from the downloads post type?


I'll admit I am new to wordpress, and assume I would override something else somewhere, such as a template file.. but in the spirit of learning, if one of you experts might point me in that direction.....


Admittedly, I am posting this for myself to find (with an answer) sometime in the future.. Like McFly punching Biff..




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In order to remove the meta bar data on a custom post type, you will most likely need to use a filter. However, you can hide it via custom CSS, I created a custom post type called movies, in the code below remove moveis and replace it will your custom post type name.



.single-movies .metabar em {
display: none;
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