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Changing color of the Header


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I am attempting to change the header color to: rgba(94,66,52,1)


Here is the css I have used:


#page { background-color: rgba(94,66,52,1);
background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top,rgba(94,66,52,1),rgba(94,66,52,1));
background-image: -ms-linear-gradient(top,rgba(94,66,52,1),rgbargba(94,66,52,1));
background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear,0 0,0 100%,from(rgba(94,66,52,1)),to(rgba(94,66,52,1)));
background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top,rgba(94,66,52,1),rgba(94,66,52,1));
background-image: -o-linear-gradient(top,rgba(94,66,52,1),rgba(94,66,52,1));
background-image: linear-gradient(top,rgba(94,66,52,1),rgba(94,66,52,1));
background-repeat: repeat-x; filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=�rgba(94,66,52,1)�, endColorstr=�rgba(94,66,52,1)�, GradientType=0);
border-top: 1px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9);

.navbar .navline > li > a {
    color: rgba(94,66,52,1);
    display: block;
    float: none;
    line-height: 19px;
    padding: 9px 12px 10px;
    text-decoration: none;
    text-shadow: 0 -1px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25);


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Hi Kevin,


You have a number of serious errors in the code above.  Looking at it you'll see all sorts of odd characters which don't belong.


Additionally, the last bit has no closing }


Check the example on this link: under Cross Browser Gradients.

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