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How To Add A Category Description To Your Category Pages!


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I’m posting this how-to here in case anyone needs it since I think it’s pretty handy.


In case you have ever wondered how to add a category description to each of your category pages, here is how you do it! Yay. OK, here's what you need to do (I broke it up into chunks - you just follow the steps from start to finish).


PART 1: First you need to install/activate a section and a plugin

1. *If you already have the ContentBox section installed and activated you can skip this step*
To install ContentBox, go to PageLines > Store > Sections > Get New Sections > Top Free then click the "Install" button and then activate it. It won't show up in Drag & Drop if it's not activated!


2. Now go to Plugins > Add New and search "Shortcode Exec PHP" and click the "Install Now" link then once it installs activate it by clicking "Activate Plugin". Now you're done installing your stuff!


PART 2: Adding the ContentBox to the right place and adding your category description


3. Go to PageLines > Drag & Drop and select "Page Templates" OR "Content Area" (depends on which one you want) under "Select Template Area" and "Category" under "For Which Type of Page"


4. Drag the ContentBox section from the Available/Disabled Sections area on the right to the top of the Active Sections area on the left (you must arrange ContentBox at the top so that it displays at the top of the page). Now your category description has a home!


5. Now go to Post > Categories and mouseover whichever category you want to add a description to and click the "Edit" link.


6. Once you've done that, type it in the Description box directly below the "Parent" dropdown menu option and save it by clicking the "Update" button at the bottom. Alright! Your category description is all set! (If you have more categories to add descriptions to, just repeat this step)


PART 3: Now it's time to convert the PHP tag WordPress provides for adding category descriptions to templates to a shortcode that can be added to ContentBox!


7. Go to Tools > Shortcode Exec PHP on the left side of your Dashboard and scroll down. You're going to see an empty box that looks like this:
[attachment=550:Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 11.52.24 AM.png]


8. In the field at the top, type in categ_des (short for "category description" so you know that's what the shortcode is going to be for) and then add the following code to the box EXACTLY as it is (don't add spaces or any extra code). It'll occupy just one line in that box (please see the Attached Thumbnail at the bottom of this post to see what the box should look like).


9. Now click on the "Save" button below the box and now you've got your shortcode! The shortcode is as shown at the top of the box with the brackets added on each side: [categ_des]


PART 4: Adding the shortcode to ContentBox and finishing it off!


10. Now go to PageLines > Page Options > Category Page and select ContentBox (note: if this section is showing up as inactive, please go to PageLines > Store > Sections > Your Added Sections and click the Activate button to activate it!).


11. In the Content Box Content area, add your shortcode [categ_des] so that it looks like this:
[attachment=552:Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.02.03 PM.png]


Click "Save Options" and check out that spankin' new description at the top of your category page! YAY! Here's mine as an example:
[attachment=553:Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.05.07 PM.png]
Note: I didn't make any adjustments with CSS which accounts for the spacing weirdness, but you can easily take care of any appearance issues using Custom CSS.


You're done! Time to celebrate with a few party kittens:



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No problem, Randall.

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