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Logo Right On Top Of The Main Navbar And Different Navbar Text Color


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Thanks for a great framework!

I need help with two things I can't seem to figure out...

1) I want to place my logo right on top of the main navbar (in fact I want to place a site-wide picture including both picture and title of my website above, making it look like the picture is resting on top of the navbar). There is a gap of about maybe 20-30 px's and I want to get rid of it. Some custom CSS should do the trick, right? But what exactly?

2) How do I change the text color within the main navbar? I've chosen the Orange theme, and I want the text to be black.

I think I'm missing something fairly easy, so sorry about that, but I just can't seem to find the answers!

Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,


Yes you'll be able to edit the space between the two sections by adjusting the padding/margins between the sections, this can be done by css. For example


#nav {margin-bottom:0;} 

You can find an tutorial on css and how to amend code within the framework here we'd also advise you download firebug or use google dev tools to locate the required Id/classes to amend.


If you require further information or an overview on css please reference


You would also use css to change the color of the nav text, for example, just replace the names of the id's with the correct id/path you find in firebug :-)


Hope this helps

#nav {color: #ffffff;} 

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