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How To Do Single-Space Sidebar Lists?


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I'm not a designer or programmer (I'm a writer), so I'm struggling with restoring some lost customization in the CSS code for my blog.


Here's the blog:


I have 3 questions:


1. SIDEBAR TEXT SPACING - I'd like to adjust the text spacing (leading) in my Sidebar #1 and Sidebar #2, specifically the blog roll and categories lists: either single-spacing them or making them 1-1/2 spaces. They appear double-spaced now.


I assume I'd do this through CSS code. If so, what's the code? If not, please advise.


2. HEADLINE SIZES - I've been playing around with the sizes of Headlines for my thumbnail teasers at the bottom of the main page (I think it's H4), but the program doesn't seem to be responding.


Is this how I should write it? 



Or this?

h4 class="entry-title" {font-size:0.85em;}
Or something else entirely?
3. TWITTER FEED TEXT SIZE - Here I'm using Xhanch - My Twitter as a Plug-in. This lets me add Custom CSS. Again, I've tried to lessen the font size, without success. It seems the default size is 16. I tried the following, just to test, but nothing happened: 
{xmt_id}.xmt .text_12{
Please help a writer who's in over her head!
Thanks, Pat

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Hi there,


For any css adjustments we'd advise you use firebug to look for the required selectors and w3 schools for an overview of css. This link will give you a walk through to making css amendments within the Framework -


I've provided some examples below based on your request, you might need to tweak them to suit using the firebug process above :)


For the sidebar text spacing you'll need to adjust the line-height for the widget, an example is pasted below.

#textwidget p {
    font-size: 0.75em;
    line-height: normal;}

Headlines sizes, do you mean the title for each blog post? You could try the below

.entry-title {
    font-size: 1.4em;}
Twitter feed
.xmt widget fix {font-size: 10px;}

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Hi, James.


Yes, I discovered Firebug on my own yesterday. It's very cool -- and incredibly useful, allowing me to see what category each piece of text is.


I'll dig into your suggestions tonight. Fingers crossed! And thanks for the reply.



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