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2 Navigation Bars


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I have been searching for a bit and am not finding a solution. I'm not sure if my problem has a solution.

My site is at

I am looking to:

Permanently display two nav bars in my header.

I would like NavBar styling to be on the top and classic or simple nav to be below it.

(I'm trying not to use BrandNav because I can't get the thing styled very easily.)

I would like to put the Simple Nav that is only allowed in the footer into the header. Is there some way I can do this?

Or, is there some way to tell WP that I want NavBar and Classic Nav to use different menu sets that I create in Appearance?

I have been playing around with Secondary Nav but there isn't an option to set that in WP Menus?

I'm hoping there's something I can do to make Simple Nav available in my header. That would be awesome and easy.

Thanks for any help in advance,


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The Simple Nav is a footer only menu section, you can create a child simple nav section and change the workswith line so that the section works with the header template area. However, in doing so, we will not be able to provide support.

Alternatively, you can use both the NavBar and NavClassic together, to set the NavBar Wordpress menu, visit the NavBar settings in PageLines > Site Options > NavBar. For Nav Classic, go to Appearance > Menu > Theme Locations and select your menu from the drop down for Primary Site Navigation.

The Secondary Navigation can be used with Wordpress Menus, but this is on a per post/page basis and can be configured on the post/page PageLines Meta Settings. There is no global option for the Secondary Navigation section, as it was not designed to be a global nav option.

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