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Adding Text Links Above Header Content


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I am attempting to add a couple of text links above the white content box on this site:

As you can see I have done this by adding the code below to the "Footer Scripts & Analytics" section:

<div style="position: absolute; top:11px; left:63%; width:100%; height:20px; font-size: 11px !important;">

<a href="">My Account</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

<a href="">Cart</a></div>

While this basically works, there are some issues.

1. The text links hide behind admin bar when logged in.

2. Placement not consistent on all browsers.

- when logged out, the placement looks great on mac version of firefox and safari but is too far left in chrome

- not tested with internet explore or any PC browser versions.

3. This code creates a huge page, if you scroll to the right as well. errrg...

4. Placement is totally off when someone zooms their browser in or out.

Ideally, the links would be exactly right aligned to the edge of the white box and still be visible with the admin bar.

I am not sure of the best way to do this. I really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you.

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Hi there

1) You can disable the admin bar by going to Users > Your Profile > Show Admin Bar

2) You might have to use some browser specific css but shrinking the width of the div might fix some of this.

3) Change the width of the div to 20%, this will get rid of the scrolling and keep the content contained inside the page.

4) I'm not sure what you mean by zoom in the browser. Is this on mobile devices?

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