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multiple carousels


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I am trying to have 5 carousels (i.e. 4 clones) on the same page, 5 pictures each, each showing a different post category.

(I set all of them to 5 5 5 1 in Carousel Display and Scroll, so as to have a table with 25 cells that do not move)

It behaves erratically.

I did not succeed in having more than 3 of them, in any combination from the 5 of them.

Creating the 5th of them, hides all but the 1st.

If I point them all to "Show All", and there are 4 of them, then all of them appear,

But if there are 5, only two of them appear.

any idea?

side is

thanks for any help!


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I think this would be incredibly difficult to accomplish properly.

There may be some limits built into the system preventing multiple carousels, since they have to pull their data. It could also be a memory allocation problem, given how much data each carousel must call... specifically, the link, the image, the image link, title, etc. Your host may have a typical 32Mb of memory allocated to PHP, and that could easily be filled with multiple carousels.

I'd suggest hiring one of our Pros to help you achieve this extreme customization.

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