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Save and load

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Posted 27 December 2011 - 10:07 AM

Hi. I'm still learning the PageLines system here so it's quite possible there's already an easy way to do what I want that I've missed I've got http://www.englishstandard.co to a point where I'm pleased with the progress but: a. I'm not exactly sure how I got where I am b. I want to take it further. But I'm not confident enough with the system to be sure I will get back to where I am if I make mistakes. I need to create a restore point. Q: Is my only option to go Tools >Export to create a back-up. Q: Does this back all the PageLines settings up as well as word press pages, posts,forms. Banners, features and boxes are options. If you save "All content" are you saving the drag and drop layouts and PageLines settings? Q: Is this the only way of creating a restore point? Q: Is there a way to create a restore point for everything except WP content? So that I can save my Layout settings. Carry on adding content. Evolve the layout. Then re-load the saved settings - but only loading the layout settings? This would be useful when my site is live I see the homepage changing a lot to react to news priorities. After a while I will have layouts for most situations. It would be great to just load a named layout. I realise it probably seems simple to just change the settings back to alter the homepage, but it seems a lot simpler to be able to load settings from a saved list of layouts. Anyway hope that makes sense. ASh

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Posted 27 December 2011 - 01:08 PM

Hi Ash, There is no restore point function however, you can use the Tools > Export to create a back up of all your content, this includes posts, pages, banners, boxes and features. You can then import the backup file at a later date. If you login to your Wordpress Admin Dashboard > PageLines > Account > Import - Export, you can export your theme settings and you can import your theme settings from here also. I would recommend you remove any custom CSS you have added to PageLines > Settings > Custom Code > CSS Rules. The reason for this is, that if you have even the slightest error with your CSS (this could be anything from a missing ; ) it may corrupt the backup themes file. I suggest you create a backup of your custom CSS if you have added any that is to a text document, as a precaution. When I create a backup, I have 3 files, a content backup using the Wordpress Export tool, a themes backup using the PageLines export theme settings option and a backup of all my custom CSS in a text file. I then place these files in a folder and use the date and site name as the folders name.