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Personal review - Platform Pro 2.0 RC

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#1 binzsolutions



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Posted 06 December 2011 - 12:32 PM

Thanks to this thread I was able to test out Platform 2.0 RC. :)

My company had purchased $175 + $105 upgrade = spent total $275 so far.
And I strongly suggested purchasing 2.0 upgrade to our team because I loved 1.5

But after examining 2.0 carefully, I have decided not to use it for our current project.
My reaction is, well, kind of mixed right now.
The main reason that we were going to use Platform Pro was to save time by reducing repeated coding task.
I was hoping to see some short-code support to build pricing page quickly, to setup staff profile quickly, to embed Youtube video quickly and your answer is: Pricing ($14.99) + Profiles ($14.99) + Youtube embed ($14.99) + Googlefont ($1) = $45.97

I was so excited when I saw a small teaser about pricing page some weeks ago
but now I have to design, html, css, everything again to save my 14 bucks.
Themeforest got themes for $35. Well, most of them are not AAA quality but still you get the design files and short codes.
So I am still thinking about what makes Platform Pro 2.0 different - where/who is it targeting etc.

I have decided to use the ROOT theme for current projects
because it supports HTML5, 960 grid system, cleaner code and removes WP folders from code view, and it is free.

Platform Pro 2.0 is a very good theme with a lot of functions and I will still use it for my personal blog
but I don't think it is the right tool for most of developers at the moment.

Personally I doubt about Pageline's business model & plan.
In my knowledge many companies in this field release framework in cheaper price (or free) then collect money by selling contents, plugins, designs, and advertise new version with comparison chart, new feature highlights even before its releasing date. But Platform Pro 2.0 is going opposite - doubling price, no Ad, no comparison chart so far.
I have to come to this forum and have to find everything by myself.

I hope to see more serious tools and support if Pageline is targeting developers as well.

#2 arpowers



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Posted 06 December 2011 - 02:50 PM

Well, remember we're just launching this thing... we've built some serious infrastructure into it.. and it will definitely evolve and become more and more valuable to professionals through extension. The theory is that people are willing to invest in a website platform they can trust to grow with them, over time. Also, we have definite plans to release a free version of 2.0 as well.

#3 kgstew


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Posted 06 December 2011 - 02:51 PM

We think you will find that the framework itself is a leap forward in functionality in its own right. The developers who have built the initial products for the store have complete control over their products and pricing and we appreciate the feedback on pricing and what you would like to see in the store in the future. In terms of reducing repeated coding tasks, you can now code your section or plug-in once, in the framework and have access to that code through the drag & drop interface. You have the choice to put that code in the store to benefit the community or choose to use it yourself and never have to re-code that bit again. With the new model, we can now provide premium support to every user through both the forum for customization requests and ticketed one-on-one support for questions on using the framework. Since you received an early copy of the framework you have not had the chance to see the new website and information for people new to PageLines. In addition to dedicated support we have upgraded the product docs to include a detailed how to on every new feature of PageLines 2.0. These will be available on launch day. Thank you for the feedback and we hope to hear more from every user of the framework so that we can serve the needs of everyone in the PageLines community. Cheers, -Kyle

#4 binzsolutions



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Posted 06 December 2011 - 05:57 PM

@arpowers @kgstew Thank you for the explanation. But why Pagelines does not show people about new features? Why there is no information in your website? Firstly, I received a newsletter saying "I get a Free upgrade to Platform Pro V2.0" by mistake Secondly, my purchased list was meshed up And now I got a RC in my product list with no explanation. I pay, I log-in to check stuffs, I read newsletter but why everything seems so blur, hidden and unfinished? I am looking forward to see new and powerful stuff in V2.0 ( which I already paid for) and I am still happy with Platform series but please, provide us more informations when you release V3.0. Cheers.