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  1. greenfrog added an answer to a question Pagelines Purchased Items and DMS   

    Hi Rob
    That is the clearest statement i've ever seen on the topic.. and I just checked again and lo and behold sections previously with a 'for sale' sign that I'd ppreviously purchased are now in my stash.
    Thanks for fixing this.  :thumbsd:
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  2. greenfrog added an answer to a question Pagelines Purchased Items and DMS   

    This issue really does need fixing.
    I sympathise with you for being on the front lines.. and this is nothing personal. I just hope Andrew and the section developers get the message and fix the problem.
    As things stand - unless I've radically misunderstood - people like myself who spent money on PL2 sections and plugins are now expected to buy them again if we want to use them with DMS. In some cases the price has even gone up for the DMS version.
    Surely it would be reasonable for the developers to grandfather their sections and plugins - items that were purchased from them as recently as two months ago on the expectation they had a much longer lifespan. It's not enough to say they still work on PL2. That's a deprecated platform. We were NOT given to understand the platform had such a short life-expectancy when we bought the add-ons - and we since accepted at face value assurances that as previous customers we'd be looked after (In my case I bought the dev licence for c. $200 in April 2013 and kept up monthly subs to the Plus scheme - as well as buying extra sections and plugins).
    Grandfathering those add-ons that are back in the shop for DMS would solve much of the problem. The others... well, I guess we'd just have to accept they were a wasted investment.
    Alternatively, Andrew could negotiate something with the section/plugin developers and give previous purchasers of PL2 add-ons a credit for the amount they invested, to be spent on current premium DMS addons.
    PS. Incidentally, I have gone to my Launchpad ( and downloaded some of the sections there (eg Accordions and Accordy Slider) that currently appear in the DMS shop. But they do not seem to work in DMS - unless that's a mistake at my end, in which case I apologize. I've uploaded them to the sections folder in a fresh DMS installation. They don't show up as sections - only the new versions, with price-tags attached, are visible.
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  3. greenfrog added an answer to a question Pay Attention! You need this info.   

    Thanks Rob
    I purchased a dev licence to PL2 in April (c. $200), then paid a monthly fee for your premium service after that. One selling point was there would be a free monthly section for people who paid monthly dues. That commitment seemed to tail off around May.
    Then came the announced launch of DMS. I recall asking at the time whether PL2 sections would be upgraded for DMS and 'grandfathered' for their users. I was told yes - as long as the developers upgraded them for DMS.
    When I now login to DMS with my dev status or whatever it is now, I get access to some free sections, but can only access the sections I paid for if I pay for them again. In some cases the price has gone up. Am I really expected to pay twice - or more - for sections (and a couple of plugins) that I bought only a few months ago with an understanding they would be usable for the life of Pagelines? Or is it just that the transition to DMS is still not working properly?
    In short: is it really intended that I pay for these extensions AGAIN to use them with DMS?
    Here's the list of what I purchased between April and June (total of over $150).
    Accordions (great section BTW)
    Modal Popup
    Accordy Slider
    Video Background
    Icon Font Shortcode
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  4. greenfrog added an answer to a question Pay Attention! You need this info.   

    Sorry guys - I am still sure what to expect with the Pagelines sections that I bought.
    Will I eventually be able to access DMS-ready versions of my PL sections as free upgrades within the Sections editor?
    It was on the understanding of free upgrades that I bought them. I spent some $150 on PL2 sections in recent months. Now the same products seem available only via the shop - at an increased price!
    Thanks BTW to Ellen for the free sections - I'll get into them gratefully
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  5. greenfrog added an answer to a question Where have all the sections and plugins gone?   

    Hi Danny
    Am I correct in thinking that when the rebuilding has been done, people like me who bought Pagelines 2 sections and plugins will be able to access them again - as purchased items ie free - via the DMS front-end?
    If not, what is going to happen? If so, any idea when that will happen?
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  6. greenfrog added an answer to a question Big text   

    Hi Clifford
    Is Big Text being developed still?
    I can't get it to work in DMS - a real shame because I like this section a lot and only purchased it recently
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  7. greenfrog added an answer to a question Just purchased DMS, none of my PL sections I purchased are coming over   

    Thanks clodis.
    Actually I found this on Nick's site and it worked for me:

    I'd appreciate a heads up about what's best practice. Is the method clodis described the preferred method for using PLv2 sections?
    Also, how is it best to use PLv2 plugins?
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  8. greenfrog added an answer to a question Just purchased DMS, none of my PL sections I purchased are coming over   

    I have the same problem.
    I downloaded the most recent version of my PL2 plugins and sections via Launchpad. Some of them are offered for sale in DMS store so I assumed they'd be 'DMS-ready' based on assurances of grandfathering in recent weeks.
    But there seems to be no way to upload them and I'm guessing they may not work anyway.
    Could someone clarify this please?
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  9. greenfrog added an answer to a question Pay Attention! You need this info.   

    Thanks to Batman for his informative instructions. I followed them (approx 12 hours ago) and was able to enable V2 compatibility, although it honestly didn't seem to do me much good - I still could't use the pro features of DMS and a full revert to my previous PL2 theme gave me more options to work with than that.
    Today (Tuesday, my time) I can't login to my account from a website dashboard AGAIN! (one step forwards, two steps back!).
    Still no reply from "" to the email seeking help that I wrote on Saturday. Is it possible to get a reply without further delay? I didn't even receive an autoresponder acknowledgement!
    I could say more, but no need for hyperbole. I just want the most basic service.
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  10. greenfrog added an answer to a question Pay Attention! You need this info.   

    Rob wrote: "Enable the v2 Compatibility and you'll be able to access the Framework-like interface for DMS."   Could you please explain how to do this? (In sufficient detail so I don't have to hunt through the entire Docs area - which doesn't seem to have a search facility[!] - to find that information)   I'm someone who bought a PL Dev licence in April, paid monthly Dev fees since then, bought several sections, joined the so-called 300, asked to do beta testing (an offer never taken up), got up in the middle of the night (at the weekend, as I recall!) to participate in a pre-launch "let's get excited together" session that frankly seemed to have little purpose - and over the last ten days, I've written two supportive articles to help promote PL (without seeking or receiving payment, of course).   Yet since the 'launch, I have been unable to access my account in any way. Not a single explanatory email received.   Thanks to this post, I have, for the first time, been able to get on-server access to sections I previously bought. But still no activation key for DMS..   I wrote a polite email at the weekend asking for support. Two full days later, no reply - and this post suggests it was out of line to even expect a reply "at the weekend"!   In my case, PageLines had a substantial reservoir of enthusiastic goodwill a week ago. It is by now almost exhausted.    If new DMS buyers can access the new software, why can't previous subscribers be quickly enabled to access it too?   Please get your act together ASAP. 
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  11. greenfrog added an answer to a question Plugin Incompatibility List   

    Is it just me?
    I've commented on this thread before - on page three - and today went to check the latest comments.. but I only seem to be able to access page one of this topic/thread.
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  12. greenfrog added an answer to a question Plugin Incompatibility List   

    I posted above about an apparent incompatibility with Foobox ( ) which I can;t get running when using Pagelines.
    I do hope there's some way this can be resolved; if it's an inherent incompatibility I'd like to know.
    BTW, today I bought a new PL section - also called Foobox but offering something quite different and rather interesting.
    But I couldn't install it because..
    "Destination folder already exists /home/mydomain/public_html/wp-content/plugins/foobox/"
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  13. greenfrog added an answer to a question Plugin Incompatibility List   

    I haven't conducted lengthy tests on this, but I found that Foobox wouldn't work in the Pagelines installation where I tried to install it.

    I played with various incompatibility settings within Foobox but none of them seemed to get it running.
    I like Foobox a lot; hope there isn't an intrinsic incompatibility.
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