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  1. ThumbsWare added an answer to a question PageLines DMS - Restore PageLines Dashboard   

    I know about the the LESS/CSS and JS editing areas. I've seen documentation on this for DMS on here in the past, but cannot locate it. Should I do so, I'll post on this thread.
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  2. ThumbsWare added an answer to a question PageLines DMS - Restore PageLines Dashboard   

    There is a wp-config setting to enable the DMS PageLines control panel in the dashboard similar to the one in PageLines framework. Can't find documentation on it now to save my life but know it exists.
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  3. ThumbsWare added a question in Technical Support (Personal, Business, & Developer)   

    PageLines DMS - Restore PageLines Dashboard
    I've spent two and a half hours searching the web and the forums for the wp-config.php setting to restore the legacy PageLines dashboard to wp-admin
    Could someone enlighten me? Thanks in advance.
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  4. ThumbsWare added an answer to a question Plugins for DMS   

    Let me first say that I love the PageLines Framework and am liking DMS. My clients depend on it. So does my livelihood. 
    My clients loved PageLines Framework until the updates, plus extensions, and store functionality stopped working. While some customers have been jerks, I and many others have been extraordinarily patient. I know PL folks have been working very hard. So am I, trying to hang on to my clients.
    Here's a summary of the most pressing problems.
      Sections and plugins I've already purchased under PageLines, but that have been updated for DMS, aren't showing that I've purchased them when I'm in DMS. So I have to go into Launchpad, download the plugins that I've purchased that are DMS-ready and manually move them into place. The 'store' recognizes that I have the sections available to use; however, DMS shows that I haven't purchased them.
    Unless I want to repurchase items I've already purchased (hundreds of dollars worth) I can't use the store as designed in DMS. Nor can I use the PageLines Framework store. Any new installation and accompanying sections has to be done manually. Clients can't perform PageLines Dashboard updates (a couple have their own PageLines accounts).
    Yes, I can take care of this manually; however, it's a PITA for every site that needs to be upgraded.  I realize things went awry during the launch, but it's been almost a month now. This should be sorted out already. Instead of the smooth store/updates workflow we had five weeks ago, we have a half-broken mess.
    I like the previous iteration of PageLines Framework and am getting to know and liking DMS. Like many of you, particularly PL developers, I have a lot invested in this platform. So do my clients.
    Please let us move beyond hacky workarounds. I have three requests that seem reasonable:
    Please apply our purchase history to the DMS store.
      For the love of freaking Cthulhu, restore the PageLines Framework store and updates functionality.(*)
      I'm happy to see that I've been grandfathered into DMS as promised for my Developer Plus and am being billed $19 a month (thank you for discounting us upgraders)...except that I have still not been refunded the $288 I paid for DMS at launch. I requested it via a couple of weeks ago, but y'all were very understandably doing triage. Could you refund the $288 to ThumbsWare? It was paid via PayPal. I'm a fan of PageLines work. I'm looking forward to the evolution of DMS.
    /rant on/
    *My understanding - and correct me if I am wrong - is that nuking the PageLines Framework store was planned obsolescence as part of the DMS launch.
    If that's true, then that is akin to immediately halting Windows Updates for Windows 7 at the launch of Windows 8. You do not break systems used in production. Nobody is going to migrate dozens of installations to a brand new platform without considerable testing, planning, and the ability to roll back.
    Please, pretty please with sugar, whipped cream, and a cherry on top, restore the PageLines Framework dashboard functionality for updates, plus extensions, account, and the store. I don't need a workaround, rather I need the PageLines Framework dashboard to function.
    /rant off/
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  5. ThumbsWare added an answer to a question Making iBlogPro4 Mobile-friendly?   

    One of my clients is still using that theme under the original framework. For mobile, we're using WPTouch Pro, which is a wonderful plugin to make your site handheld-friendly.
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  6. ThumbsWare added an answer to a question Accordion sidebar not working anymore after upgrade to wordpress 3.6   

    One of my client sites has the same problem. I'll be debugging it this week and will post again on this thread if I have a solution.
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