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  1. lifelikelife added an answer to a question Ultimate Social Styling   

    Alright, figured out most of it through global settings. Shortcode versions still won't show but I'm happy. Thanks!
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  2. lifelikelife added a question in Products by Aleksander Hansson   

    Ultimate Social Styling
    Hi there,
    I just purchased and installed Ultimate Social but I can't, for the life of me, figure out why the styling isn't working.
    Any help would be appreciated, I don't see any options anywhere to change anything for this plugin, I drop it in as a section and it comes unstyled, I drop in the shortcode and it's the same thing.
    I also can't get it to appear on the left and follow the screen as in the demo :(
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  3. lifelikelife added an answer to a question Different headers for different pages?   

    Damn, so no different headers for different pages? :(
    I'm making a squeeze page, I don't want it to have the same header as the rest of the site, I don't want any header at all.
    Is it possible to remove the header for one page? I created a new 'squeeze' page template but it still seems like the header is universal across all templates.
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