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  1. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question Updating DMS   

    Hei Richard, here is the changelog
    Version 0.9.7       - CORE - New accounts and karma system     - CORE - Stability enhancements   Version 0.9.6       - CORE - Hello DMS!
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  2. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Simon_P yes, galleries on both types of pages, full width and one sidebar pages.
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  3. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    I have different widths for pages.
    There 2 types of widths. Full width and one sidebar pages that off course the content area has different width.
    Full width pages are defined on 1000 px including the padding, the one sidebar have the sidebar set at 200 px and the content of the page 800px with paddings included.
    Most of the articles will be on 800 px pages. Most of the articles, as being a NGO community website will have content that will require lots of images and i have chosen jetpack as it has so many features nicely integrated into wordpress core and are less likely to cause conflicts with other plugins. The full width pages will have content that is intended for super exposure for visitors and again, some of them will need to have galleries.

    Contributors and Authors will understand in time the coding needed but most of them are just people with stories that all they know is to drag and drop images, choose the gallery option and write text. They are less likely to contribute if i put pages like, use only that template with that plugin with that setting on. I have to offer just the option where they can put what they need to put and me handle the battle with coding even if i am not that good myself. That is why i am trying and being stubborn to define a width that will make the galleries, even if it such a small thing for some, look good.
    The caps are things that are more important in context not necessarily questions.

    I know, lots of text outside the context but, might help better understand the customers you have :)
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  4. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Hi and THANK you all for the answers.
    I mean no disrespect to any developer, programer, administrator, moderator when i post my posts. I totally get their jobs.
    The last two answers, from Simon_P"] and @[member="beardedavenger bring more. This helps but again, with the risk of look stubborn, the problem is another one.
    Declaring a 1200 px and to insert my gallery on a 800 px wide page will create content that is partially hidden. IF ONE CONTRIBUTOR CREATES AN ARTICLE THAT IT'S TEMPLATE IS 800 PX AND WANTS TO ADD A GALLERY HE WOULD HAVE TROUBLES SHOWING IT'S CHOSEN CONTENT FOR THE GALLERY. IT GOES THE OTHER WAY AROUND ALSO.
    it is one thing for me if i would be the only contributor / author and i would know that i have to create galleries only on 1200px wide pages but is different when you are creating a community site with simple contributors.
    That was my problem.
    I do know is hard to create a product that everyone can use with no troubles and i feel sometimes guilty that i have to ask this kind of questions here on the forum.
    And more minds are better than one. Ok. Maybe i am the only one at the moment asking for this. But i might not be the last. It is better to have this with an answer that will please the future also.
    Anyway...Thanks, i do appreciate the answers.
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  5. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    James B - Well, thank you...
    I shall try to keep the content width size in theme functions to 766 as for my one sidebar layout page width and... maybe in the future this can be sorted out.
    Is bad that a solution is hard to find as Jetpack is a top plugin, used by millions and these gallery functions helps users to have less plugins, to replace nextgen gallery or any other combination of plugins in order to create these galleries. It is all about simplicity for the common user.
    Well, heads up high for a solution in the future, thank you again.
    If any updates on these, i would love to have them :D
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  6. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Danny - i am trying to have a gallery that on full width pages goes to full width of the page and not to keep the content width of the one side bar content. I am trying to have a gallery on pages with one sidebar that do not have partially hidden content because the content width specified in the theme functions manually are bigger to match the full width size settings of the page.
    James B - Jetpack just released a bug fix on 2.2.5 version saying this:
    Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Allow the content width setting to be larger than the theme's content width.
    Maybe these two can work now together?
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  7. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Thank you James B.
    I have changed the content width to 766px, the size for the one side bar layout.
    The link remain the same to test around.
 for one side bar
 for a full page layout.
    I have also thought of keeping the content width to the layout of a one sidebar page and to center but, before i will keep that as final solution just wanted to not give up the fight and try until... well, until i am sure the fight is over :)
    Crazy fun thing... Sometimes is like, who is better, me, us or the code? :))

    Thank you guys for the support, i know it is just a line of words but i relly mean it! Thanks!

    Hope there will be a happy ending on this one.
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  8. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Sure Danny.
    the page with the one sidebar is the same:

    And the full dith gallery for testing is on this page:

    at this moment the content width is 940 to match the full width.
    $content_width = 940;
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  9. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Thank you James.

    Inserted the code, 2 problems solved, new one emerged.

    For the pages that are have one sidebar, left for example, the content width is 766px in my case.
    For the pages that are full width, the content is 940 px.

    When i inserted the code with 766 looks great on pages with the sidebar, and some white space (174px the difference from the full wdith 940px page) on the full dith pages.
    When i altered the code to 940 thinking that if i specify the "maximum" width a page can have, the galleries have partially hidden images.

    Any last help on how to combine these two widths?
    This is why i said in my first entry that
    here are some screenshots

    Thank you again for replying, means a lot.
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  10. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Thank you again Danny.
    I would like to keep my actual width. The site is addressed to persons with very low incomes, that might have received a computer from someone and the internet is used to find help as it is an NGO related to cancer and leukaemia. Every day, after testing stuff the site is reduced to more simple code and effects. The screen resolution for many is still 1024 x 768 px for some. i need to fit in the window.
    I need to reduce codes in time and in the same time be able to insert easy but appealing content to make them come, experiment, discover, evolve. I know this does not matter here but, it may explain why i am so "stubbornness"...
    So, just keep this at it is and, hope in time, some changes with jetpack or in the theme core... problem solved?
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  11. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Hi Danny,
    the images are inside a div but there are a series of dividers. The one controlling the width is above the one you showed me in your last screenshot.
    I have attached a new screenshot, where you can see that the main div for the gallery contains the divs for rows which i tried to alter and nothing happens. This controls the width of the row with images under it i think.
    That main div gets an attribute:
    data-original-width="500" because the width attribute from the topic title is not defined.
    I am new with css, php, i do not know how alter subclasses and i do not want to risc to break more stuff as that data-original-width might affect more.
    Here is the link to the screenshot.

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  12. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    Thank you James.
    I used the code, you can check again.
    The code you provided only solves the problem for one of the gallery types, the basic one, which is available without jetpack also. For the other types of galleries the problem is still there and still related to the width thing i think. :(
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  13. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question $content_width support?   

    thank you for replying. Yes, everything goes to 500px when i am trying to create tilled galleries.
    I have created a test page with several galleries with different displays so you can have a look.
    I would very much appreciate if this can be solved somehow in a non intrusive way (altering php, css too much).
    here is the link

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  14. Denis Ciumbargi added a question in PageLines Framework   

    $content_width support?
    Hi guys,
    i am trying to work around jetpack tilled galleries and came across that the theme might not have this function specified.
    I do not want to alter the theme functions for nothing so, according to this link,

    does pagelines defines what is needed?
    something like:
    2 if ( ! isset( $content_width ) )     $content_width = 800;  
    It needs to work for this

    I do not want to alter because the framework has the width adjuster so i do not know how the code will affect things around.
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  15. Denis Ciumbargi added an answer to a question Plugin Incompatibility List   

     I can create a test user as i am using it, if you want to try it like that.
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