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  1. greenfly added an answer to a question Pagelines reverts itself   

    Each issue has to be investigated on it's own merits and in it's own setting. Do you have an example of a site or site's where this is happening for you? if so can you provide us with the following information for each site and we can investigate this for you site by site. 
    Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example:
    Website URL:
    Framework Version:
    WordPress Version:
    Plugins in Use:
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  2. greenfly added an answer to a question JSON Output   

    I will ask simon to take a look at this for you. 
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  3. greenfly added an answer to a question Pagelines DMS breaks WooCommerce AJAX add to cart   

    Do you have this running on a site we can take a look at please?
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  4. greenfly added an answer to a question My site does not show when logged out=?   

    Having tried to access and it looks like the server or Domain name  may be somehow misconfigured. could you ask you hosting provider regarding this and see if they have any suggestion to resolving this. 
    Currently we cannot access the DMs install at this site. 
    Please let us know how you get on. 
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  5. greenfly added an answer to a question Woo Commerce Related Products Image Size and Text   

    Hello @jmad 
    I have logged this as a possible bug and this is being investigated - i will update you as soon as there is some more information regarding this. 
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  6. greenfly added an answer to a question Corrections vision problem   

    PageLInes Updater is required for DMS sites to keep everything up to date so you can keep this installed. 
    Thank you for letting us everything is working for you :) 
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  7. greenfly added an answer to a question Corrections vision problem   

    Hello pilpelim
    After logging into your sites i can see your DMS visual editor is displaying unpublished changes - Make sure you have clicked 'publish' and the light is green so that you know the changes you have made are live on the site changes. You can see the light in this example is purple >
    The Purple light was present on all your sites. 
    Could you remove the 'Pagelines Sections' plugin from your sites. This plugin is for the PageLines Framework and not compatible with the PageLines DMS system and does not provide any functional benefits and in fact has been  known to cause problems. 
      Also the 'Selettore Tabs' plugin is not compatible with DMS2 and has not been updated by the developer. Could you remove this also.    Can you make sure all your sites are running the latest version of DMS. Your sites are running 2.1.1 with the latest version being 2.1.3 
    Also could you make sure you are running the latest version of the 'PageLines Professional tools' plugin. Your sites are using 1.5.4 and 1.6.2 is available. 
    ​Could you update all these and let us know if you still have a problem. 
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  8. greenfly added an answer to a question primary sidebar   

    Could you give the following a try and please let us know how you get on :) 
    #list_sb_primary h2.widgettitle { font-size: 150%; }
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  9. greenfly added an answer to a question Pl NextBox adds 'pl-section-pad' even when I check "Disable DMS padding classes"   

    as simple as changing 
    .pl-section-pad {   margin-bottom:1em;   padding:8px; }   to  .pl-section-pad {   margin:0;   padding: 0; } To target a specific Media box, NextBox or any other section for that matter - Drill down to the Section ID with Firebug or your browser inspection tools
    for example - this giant logo in the next screenshot is displayed via a media box -
    if we want to target just that section we prefix the CSS with the section ID - in this instance  #mediaboxukc8r4i
    Help with ID and Class selectors can be found here
    a post i think helps also is here
    and Danny's comment here 

    What I recommend is you use if you aren't already Google Chromes web dev tools, when inspecting any element in Chromes dev tools, padding is displayed as green and margin is displayed as a shade of orange. This should help you identify the class you want to target.
    Then you can manipulate the sites padding/margin using chromes dev tools, then all you want to do then is add your changes to your custom CSS.
    For example, let's say you want to remove the padding from the masthead section, you code would look something like this (please remember this is an example):
    .section-masthead .content-pad { padding: 0px; }
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  10. greenfly added an answer to a question My site does not show when logged out=?   

    Google Chrome is suggesting :/
    Could we have an admin logon for this site so we can see first hand how it is configured, If you want to create an admin logon please do so and send the credentials to hello @ PageLines dot com along with a link to this forum topic and our moderators will look into this for you and update you here.
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  11. greenfly added an answer to a question change one page it changes all   

    simon has been looking at this for you and we agree with your suggestion of starting over BUT there is no need to start from scratch. 
    In the visual editor > Site Settngs > resets >
    You can click 'Reset Current Post Type Settings' this will fix the problem with page types and you can get your site finished 
    Researched the Page Title issue a little and absorbed some knowledge on this. Show your host this
    They don't have Nginx setup to work with Permalinks for this reason when set to post-name in permalinks - setting permalinks to default does work though but displays Page-id-xx in your URl rather than post name. 
    Hope this makes sense and if we can help you setting up your site let me know. 
    Finally - you mentioned you had HTML that wasn't showing up - i read back but didn't see you mention where you placed this - i thought you has put it in the Page content. If you have and it doesn't display then this will be because of what simon said with regards post loop missing from pages. 
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  12. greenfly added an answer to a question PinsPro Theme   

    Have `Fun :) 
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  13. greenfly added an answer to a question PinsPro Theme   

    Please find the Demo Data for both PinsPro demo & the DMS demo on the following page

    This page also contains instructions on how to configure everything. 

    Please let us know if you have any problems with this or anything else. 
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  14. greenfly added an answer to a question change one page it changes all   

    I think remove the duplicate plugin and any other plugins until you really need them. Especially if you aren't using them until the end of the build. 
    I have, in the past, created all the pages with DMS, assigned a template to each page and then added the content later. this shouldn't be a problem. 
    I tried to disable the duplicate plugin and i got a 504 Bad gateway error every-time. 
    I added the test pages and assigned templates to them and added content and it seemed to work. i swapped the templates around and the content stayed on the pages.
    Rather than start again, try removing the content from pages and re-adding it once the superfluous plugins have been removed. 
    First though, make sure DMS is updated to the latest version and let's take it from there. 
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  15. greenfly added an answer to a question How to impliment schema markup in DMS   

    There is a good Google Article explaining this for you in detail with an FAQ. Implementing this in DMS shouldn't be any different than any other method. 
    There is a detailed guide on too
    Hope this helps
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