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  1. bscherr added an answer to a question Make Mobile (Responsive) Zoom   

    Hi, I'm just coming back around to this as yet unsolved issue.  I have no idea where to put that piece of code.  The site I set up for my friend has very little customization, so I didn't use a child theme.  It's pretty much straight up DMS options, just a blog.  He is still really bothered by the lack  of pinch/zoom for his blind/low vision readers and I can't figure out where to put that code.  Can you tell me, as if I were an eight year old, where to put that piece of code that will let the blind people pinch zoom so they will leave me alone? That, or I swear I'm just going to put him on Twenty-Fourteen and wash my hands of it.   I've been at it for hours, and crashed the site once already.  Thanks! 
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  2. bscherr added an answer to a question Make Mobile (Responsive) Zoom   

    Hi, I am searching the forum for a solution for a customer who really  needs his site to zoom (he has a lot of low vision readers of his blog).  I have no idea how to use a hook to put the code in that you mention above: <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> I have read the link at the codex, and still have NO idea how to use a hook.  Is there somewhere I can get a step by step tutorial on how, and where, to use a hook to do enable the pinch zooming on a tablet?  
    Let me know if I should start another topic? 
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  3. bscherr added a question in Technical Support (DMS Basic)   

    DMS Pro Plugin 1.5 crashes DMS 1.1.6 site
    I have a site that uses DMS 1.1.6 with the Pro Tools Plugin version 1.5.  As soon as I updated the plugin from 1.4.6 to 1.5, the DMS editor just hangs in chrome and won't load. However, the top nav bar does load, it's just the rest of the site content that does not.  It's whitescreen except for the top navbar.
    Then When I disable the Pro tools plugin, the site returns in full, editor included.
    I also have a site that uses DMS 1.1.6 with the Pro Tools Plugin version 1.4.6 and it is working just fine. So I won't be updating to the new version of Pro tools.
    I haven't added ANY custom css, code, scripts etc... to either of these sites. They are just 'out of the box' Pagelines sites.
    Do you know of any general issues with the Pro tools plugin that might be causing this?  I noticed the following in the changelog:
    1.5 Fixed template notification in 1.1 branch 1.4.8 Fix template notifications. 1.4.7 Add navbar to nocache variable But I am a non-techie, so .... all I know is I am dead in the water.
    If you need to look at the site, I'll have to request the server admins move  it to a public url. Right now it's behind a firewall on a dev server. I just wanted to see if you've had any other issues like this. 
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  4. bscherr added an answer to a question Pagelines generating css dynamically   

    Thanks  tpldrew"] for the info. I'll explore your thread.  @[member="Simon_P, I have put in both pieces of code, in both places, with no luck.  I will take the information about the permissions possibly being too restrictive back to the server admins.  I have spoken with them about this and they don't think that's the case.  Yes, it is a Syracuse University server, but it's the public server that is NOT all locked down that our site is on.  Pagelines is used as the framework for the Honors Program sites. I am not a student, and we pay for the service. We are planning to migrate to DMS, but if I can't get this issue solved, then I have to take the program away from Pagelines products altogether.  I do NOT want to do that.  
    Can you tell me the following:
    (1) To which folder should Pagelines be writing the file?  I can have them check the permissions on that folder.
    (2) Is there a higher level of paid support I can escalate this to?  Is there a developer who would be willing to really poke around in our site, or communicate with my contact in the server admin team? 
    Thank you,
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  5. bscherr added an answer to a question Pagelines generating css dynamically   

    Hi,  Sorry it took so long to get a response to this. Our IT department has been swamped with end of year projects.  I asked them if the line of code made any difference. They said 'no', it's still generating CSS dynamically and costing them too much load on the server.  Here is the exact text of the email I received from the IT department: 
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  6. bscherr added an answer to a question Pagelines generating css dynamically   

    Hi, Yes I did add the code yesterday.  I am waiting for some kind of confirmation back from the hosting folks that it worked.  I don't have any way of checking if it is working.  Thanks for further information though, I will definitely post an update when I hear back from the hosting department.
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  7. bscherr added an answer to a question Pagelines generating css dynamically   

    Sorry, I am not understanding. How would they resolve the info? What is wrong with the info? I don't think they are going to change the policy for the server just because I have a theme that doesn't generate CSS efficiently.  Pagelines is supposed to be generating a static .less file, right?  Here is exactly what they want Pagelines to do:
    So my question is... will the code you gave me do points a) and b) ?  If not, is there a way Pagelines can do point a) and b)?  Is it really a hosting issue on my end?  Because it's the hosting people who are having the problem with my site, and sending me to you.
    I really need help resolving this, and I'm willing to pay for additional developer support if I need to, or purchase whatever plan entitles me to professional support.
    Thanks very much! 
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  8. bscherr added an answer to a question Pagelines generating css dynamically   

    Thanks for the info. Here is the link to the functions.php file in the following location on my site:  wp-content/themes/pagelines-idblogpro5/ 
    pasted code is at:
    I agree there's quite a bit, but I didn't put any there and no one else would I don't think.
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  9. bscherr added an answer to a question Pagelines generating css dynamically   

    thanks, I will try it.  I currently am using the iBlogPro child theme, so just to be clear I'm thinking it should go into: wp-content/themes/pagelines-idblogpro5/ and the file I will add it to is 'functions.php'
    But I am not sure where I should add it.  It looks like some of the filters at the top, but do I just add it to the bottom? I can paste the php code here... but it's kind of long.
    Sorry to be such a newbie, but I don't like to mess with php so I just want to be real sure of where to put this so I don't crash my site, and further anger the server admins. 
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  10. bscherr added a question in PageLines Framework   

    Pagelines generating css dynamically
    Hi, I run a mutlisite installation of WordPress at Syracuse University on Pagelines framework.  Following are the URLs:
    Main site:
    Project site:
    Civic site:
     My server admins are concerned (and my site is crashing!) because my site is routinely taking more than the 120 MB PHP memory limit to load, and it is creating a ton of problems.  They are telling me that I need to make Pagelines framework generate CSS differently.  I am NOT a programmer. I am a designer, and I know enough css/html to hack my way around WordPress and Chrome development tools.  I have not a clue how to fix this issue.
    Below is the text of the email I received from the server admins explaining the issue. Can someone please help me?  I have attached my debug info.
    The issue is there's a separate call for css to be generated, every time. The css generation is the memory expensive action -- it's the thing that the less people suggest you not do with less in production.
    Can the Pagelines people give you help on a) generating a static css file locally on your machine and B) configuring the Pagelines theme to read the static file that you generated locally? Do they have any recommendation here? It would be awesome, really awesome, if they could give you a solution for this asap -- we would really like to drop that setting back down asap because it does leave us a little vulnerable to getting choked.
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  11. bscherr added an answer to a question Post Pins Problem   

    Ok, I will give that a try.  Sorry to be a grump.  I'm just used to Pagelines working (like my iOS... it just works) so you get spoiled.  Thanks for the reassurance.  
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  12. bscherr added an answer to a question Post Pins Problem   

    thanks for the reply.  I do not have DMS, and I am expecting that Pagelines Framework will still be supported.  I do have the pagelines-sections plugin, and it is activated. I attempted to add PostPins there, because it is my understanding that it behaves like a section... but I get an error stating that this does not appear to be a pagelines section.
    It's really frustrating, I really like Pagelines products, but ever since DMS was launched... nothing seems to work or install correctly.  
    I can not upgrade to DMS until next summer, and I don't see why the framework had to be deprecated so much. 
    Is there any way for me to install this that won't result in an error?  Can I manually upload it somewhere?  
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  13. bscherr added a question in Products by PageLines   

    Post Pins Problem
    I just uploaded the Post Pins plugin to my site, and it seemed to install and activate just fine, however when I go to the drag/drop section... it's not there.  I go to site options, page options, everywhere I can think of... they just don't show up anywhere in my admin screen.  I am still on the Framework and will not upgrade until next July.
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  14. bscherr added an answer to a question Hero Nav broken in Internet Explorer   

    Ok thanks very much! I love Hero Nav, it's gorgeous on our site and works really well too!
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