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Florantine Creative

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    Submitted Dec 03 2013 05:48 PM

Florantine Creative

Florantine Creative

Hi, my name is Sean Cassidy and this is my Portfolio Website. I set up Florantine Creative as a means to scratch my various, erm, creative itches and make some money while doing it. It all started back in University College Dublin where I studied Landscape Architecture. What began as a solid interest, quickly grew into, what I think, is a healthy obsession with all things visual. In particular: (Good*) landscape Architecture, print and digital media.

During my 6 years working as a Landscape Architect, I gained a wide variety of skills from verbal presentations to visual composition. These skills went hand in hand with a thorough knowledge of graphic software applications, allowing for a relatively seamless migration into the world of Graphic and Website design.
With some solid background knowledge and computer skills in my pocket, I set about working with small and medium sized businesses that were new to the world of digital media. Coming from a novice background myself, I was able to offer a clear insight into the entire process, which ultimately resulted in better results and, more importantly, happier clients.