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'Search' Professional

SEO Specialist in Birmingham SEO Friendly Websites SEO Birmingham

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    By davidvidgen

    Submitted Jan 17 2013 06:21 PM

'Search' Professional

'Search' Professional

DavidVidgen.co.uk – I am an SEO specialist in Birmingham and London, my aim is to help companies build SEO friendly websites with good quality content that web users need and desire. This in turn will generate excellent inbound links that will help your site rank exceptionally well in Google and other providers; but I also help this process by building high quality links from trusted relevant domains via PR and content syndication. I particularly work with small and medium sized businesses. I guarantee results and an excellent return on investment.

The internet has grown beyond anyone’s expectations or vision. For a Birmingham or London based business to compete online in National and International markets it needs to be SEO conscious, because if not, your competitors will easily occupy the search engine results pages and steal your market share. If you’re a Birmingham or London based business and you want your website to compete, you will need my specialist SEO services.
My specialist areas are as follows:
  • Keyword Research - customers use a vast array of search engine queries and types. Keyword research is undertaken to determine which queries customers use; these are then used to formulate the on-page strategy.
  • On Page SEO - I make sure that your site contains the correct keywords, structure and quality content to ensure you have a SEO friendly website.
  • Link Building - search engines such as Google decide their rankings based on ‘on-page seo factors, and the quality and number of inbound links (aka backlinks) to websites. I develop a specialist PR and link building strategy to ensure that your seo friendly website has quality inbound links and therefore achieves excellent rankings for your chosen keywords.
  • Content and User Optimisation - quality content is key. When sites are seo friendly and they contain good quality content, this helps SEO, natural link building and customer conversions. People will want to share and link to your site because you offer something they need.
  • Online Reputation Management - if you or your business has negative articles on s.engines that perhaps are preventing traffic to your site, we work together to neutralize these and eventually move them down the rankings.