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Facilitation & Process, LLC

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Facilitation & Process, LLC

Facilitation & Process, LLC

• Productive Meetings. • Smart Strategies. • Lasting Impact Your partner in strategy, performance improvement and success. Customized approaches - tailored to your needs. Connect with us for fresh, imaginative & objective solutions.

Creating a better tomorrow by partnering with the social-citizen sector of nonprofits, philanthropy & government to achieve greater impact.


Facilitation & Process, LLC is a consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. With Facilitation & Process, you are not our client but rather we are your partner in strategy, performance improvement and success. We design customized approaches that are tailored to your needs. Organizations that benefit most from working with us are those
who are tired of the same old solutions and are ready for the fresh, imaginative and objective. We help you think about your organizational context and the larger community ecosystem in which you operate. We help you think systemically, systematically with a focus on the long view.

To help you create solutions, we offer a range of supporting services including performance assessments, facilitation, strategic, capacity, business & social impact planning, board & staff development and retreats, and developing meaningful community engagement.

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Nov 24 2012 10:11 PM
I like this site! You guys could use some color, but overall, a professional site. Well done.